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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cheezemm2, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Well, I got to thinking today.....some people who like to deadstick rods for cats and such like to either hold their pole, put it in a rod holder or a y-stick, or lay it on its side(with something holding it slightly above the water and in place).....some people casting for bass like to hold the pole upright while others like to do a side twitch...

    I realize different baits require different presentations, but almost always I like to put my pole a little to the side so there's an angle from the pole tip to the line in the water....just a preference I suppose as I think it's easier to see line/pole movement side to side rather than up and down...anyone else have goofy tendencies like this?
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    Lets see now- When I'm bassin, I hold the rod high , as long as its not windy , and I'm using rubber worms . When it's breezy , I hold the rod to one side. When I'm cattin ,I have the tip lower than the rod, laying on the ground. Now mind you, all this does DA KING no good at all :rolleyes: .... THE CATKING !!! :D

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    I guess it depends for me. While bass fishing, I will switch it up. Also depends on what lures I am using and all that stuff.

    when catfishing, I will often times sit at an angle to my rods. I do this so I can see them go down it that is the case and also will situate myself so I can see them better. Depending on the light situations. I like to fish without a lantern, so sometimes I will sit so I can use the moon to my advantage as much as possible. If I am with my dad, he always uses a lantern(which I am trying to change) so I will try to sit so I block the light from hitting the water as best as I can. If I am night fishing where there is a light that is always on either near me or even farther away, I will sit at an angle so I can see the outline of the rod. Ok Maybe I am a bit weird, but I have done ok this way! :p
  4. Rockbass I am with you on the 'no lantern' deal. I hardly ever use one. If I use anything it is a black light or sometimes a candle. I use the three wick bug repelling candles for light. Of course I have a flashlight and stuff but it draws less insects.
    When I am catfishing I prefer my rod usually 45-90 degrees to the water depending on wind/wave action. The higher the angle the less line in the water being pulled by the waves and current and you can detect bites better.