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  1. Actually I have a couple of questions regarding an old outboard that I have for our Canada boat. We have an old Johnson 10HP Sea Horse. I am unsure of the year on the motor which brings me to the first question. I have tried a few lookups and I was able to find a listing of a manual that referenced the year as 1957. Does anybody know of any online references for parts for a motor that old? What I need is a new prop hub as the old one (the rubber bushing) has disintegrated. I have been told that the hub needs to be pressed in to the prop. So this is something that requires a special press? I thought perhaps it could be done by other methods.

    I had called Knox Marine as I have had them do work on this motor in the past. They no longer service the older motors but they have someone who comes in every week to pick up props and motors to repair. I am thinking of just taking it up there but I am always leery of what it may cost. I always trusted Knox Marine for honest pricing. I just have no history to go on with this one. Hopefully Knox Marine found a good source for this service. (fingers crossed) Does anybody have any advice on this or any dealing with the guy who is doing their work?
  2. What is the color of the motor? Do you have the model #? I dont really think a press is involved in replacing the hub.

  3. It is a red motor. I have verified that it is a 1957. It is a pin drive type hub and not a spline type.
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    i just replaced the rubber hub on my 1987 evinrude and pressed the rubber hub in with some wd 40 . it goes in quite easily.
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  6. That was my thought as well. I called up to Knox Marine to see if they can get me more info. The guy at Knox Marine found it on his parts listing but it showed as a kit with prop included.:( Of course if I have to buy the prop as well I am looking at a bigger price. He is going to contact the guy to find out more.
  7. He said the hub was available as a separate item. It is $48 which is still a big chunk of change for no more than what it is but that can be expected with a 50+ year old motor.:rolleyes:
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    WOW , i only paid $5.00 for my rubber hub insert,
  9. I believe this bushing is molded on to the hub itself rather than slipping on at least from what I can tell of the one that came out of it. I guess that would add a little bit to the price. The antiquity of it is probably more of the factor.:(