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  1. Good morning guys. My name is Dave Sipus and I grew up in Boardman fishing most of the areas I read about from you all everyday. Milton, Mosquito, Pymatuning, Lake Erie & the tribs....even Mill Creek Park. It's fun to keep up on who's doing what back home and I read over your shoulders everyday. Thank you for your detailed reports.

    I was transferred to the EC Florida coast 6 years ago and was fortunate enough to hook up with a buch of offshore guys via the forums. We fish out to 35 miles for dolphin, wahoo, sails, kings or anything else that cooperates. I do get back fairly regularly and would love to do a combo trip on the big lake for walleye & perch. If any of you would want to trade a lake erie trip for a day offshore here I'd be all over it. If you find yourself in Orlando or east with some time to kill, I'd love to reciprocate. I am not a charter boat and would treat you as I do the guys I fish with here. We all split the gas, bait, ice & oil and the fish we catch. It's usually $60-$70 a guy. Very seldom do we take more than 3 guys. I actually have more fun sharing our blessings with those who can't do this than I do going myself. You would need a non-resident license but it's not expensive. If you need a place to crash you can stay with us as it's just my wife & I in a nice 3/2 pool home in Melbourne. Fell free to call if you have any qusetions. My cell is 321-508-2157.

    I have 2002 22 ft aquasport cc with a 200 mercury so we do need to pick our days but the summer is usually pretty good. I am going Cobia fishing tomorrow as 1-2 ft seas is the forecast...YEAH. We sight fish for them off of migrating Manta Rays along the beaches.

    Keep the Ohio stuff coming as the spring walleye and crappie at 'squito was always one of my favs. Go Browns & Indians..........

    Thanx & God bless, Dave
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    Melbourne!!! Have you ever fished the Stick Marsh/Farm 13?

    That's a heck of a nice offer you made!

  3. Everyone seems to know the Stick Marsh but I'm not much of a bass guy. I have a retention pond in my back yard that a neighbor stocked years ago. We routinely catch 1-5 lb bass on ultralight back there.

    I'm happy to make the offer. It's more fun to share!
  4. Wow, I will keep that in mind. I don't make it to Florida very often (not often enough) but it would be great to do an offshore fishing trip. I have fished there a few times but always from the surf and piers. I love the saltwater fishing. Thanks for the offer!
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    Morning Dave,
    I too love fishing spring walleye and crappie at Mosquito, (when I can get away from work). I run a 22' Imperial, So I always have extra room. Most the time it's just myself, or myself and the wife.
    When your up this way give me a call.

    Be of Good Cheer,
    John Dostal
  6. welcome to posting to the board....

    I love that florida sportsmen . com bro lives
    in Spring Hill above Tampa Bay...gulf side..... i check that site at least once
    a week....

    i may be taking a trip down in April....

    Would you mind sharing some of the hot fisheries at that time
    of the year for mid-fla... ?.....i know that kings start showing up early april ? right ?....or do i have that wrong...

    love the dolphin, the grouper.....which brings me to another question ....any details on what is going on with the closed grouper season ? when does it end ? it for all groupers ?...or just blacks ?...or just reds ?...

    thanks for any info .... a run down to the keys is not out of the question while i'm there.....would like to try to avoid it if fishing is good up at the mid point....$ for gas and all just keeps going up and up.....either that, or just go there, skip the bro's house, and have him meet me down in marathon and we just do the whole week there....last time down there in '06 sucked, went for 4 days, and it blew 33 knot winds until we were headed up US 1 on the last day. So we pulled over, hit a ramp and went out to that marine sanctuary that I can never remember the name of to snorkel and dive for an hour or was fun...

  7. Dave, Saw a segment on In-fisherman. they were on tarpon under the bia-honda bridge near big pine key. do u personally know much about that bite? also if u want to hit the smallmouth bite in m may/june. we have an 1850 fishhawk. talk more ....bruce