An expensive day trying to fish!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Marshall, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I had to work at 3pm today so around noon i decided to check out a pond near my workplace. On the way there i was not really paying attention to how fast I was driving. I was just driving down a rural road with a speed limit of 45mph and just happened to pass a state highway patrol comming at me. I looked down and was going 60 on a straight stretch. Of course i looked in my rear view and saw breaklights and a quick u turn. Yep i was busted. I pull over and the gentleman wrote me my ticket (which is my first ever, Im 35). The ticket for 1 to 15mph over the speed limit is 130 dollars! Wow did that suck. So after my little pep talk I headed to the pond to find it still frozen. I should have known. Just wanted to let all ya know how pricey something can be and happen so fast. This was in Delaware county not sure if the fines are different from county to county. Im not complaining cause i was driving over the limit but i sure hoped for a warning. So be careful out there and watch your speed. Hmmm how much fishing stuff could I have bought with 130 dollars?:(
  2. Wow! You got jabbed good! I got pulled over about a year ago (Miami County) for doing 41 in a 35 zone. Actually he probably never would have pulled me over if I'd had my seat belt on......because that's what he cited me for. $98. Then he said the speeding fine would've been $92.

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    My last ticket was for tinted windows in the burbs of cleveland and I got socked 130!! For tinted windows!! give me a break, it's a non moving violation.
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    plead not guilty, make him show up in court and desribe how he figured out your speed. it will get thrown out or you will get a plea bargain for a faulty muffler or something like that w/ no points assigned to your license.
  5. He made a mistake and is going to pay for it. You really think he should tie up an officer for a day and waste tax dollars for something he admittedly did? I just don't get some people.:mad:
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    you must be a police man and a righteous one at that?yea maybe he's right sack up lay, down and pay the fine.thats what they are counting on. and of course you don't have to getme?
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  7. The state and Counties are broke...The sheriff of the county I live in told me funds are tight. I could go on...I won't....
  8. 5500 posts and still not a thing worth reading!

    Your right Van, to heck with what is right its always someone elses fault, do everything you can for your gain right or wrong.

    No I am not a Police but I did fish with a CoastGuard officer one day!
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    scott you kill me :)
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    the man has every right to plead NOT GUILTY just like O.j. did?
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    why though?????? he ADMITTED and KNOWS he did something WRONG that would make him GUILTY correct? Or did i miss that lesson in school??? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  12. That's the problem in todays society, nobody tells the truth anymore
  13. My guess is he got caught on radar- most police now adays ecspecially State troopers have their radar guns mounted on the dash, so when they are driving they can still ping people with their radar guns.

    I got 2 tickets last year. My first violations ever. First one, I was caught by an airplane on 71 by Lebanon coming home from Deer Creek doing 88 in a 65.

    (They say they are broke....but they have freaking airplanes!!!!????)

    Second one I got coming down a hill by my house doing 58 in a 35 got caught by a cop passing me, and sure enough his radar gun was mounted on his dash and he was nice enough to show it to me.

    I thought about fighting them, but just decided to suck it up and learned my lesson. I only go about 5 over the limit if that.

    Whats funny though is my fine for the highway one was more expensive than the one by my house in a resedential area while it was raining. That jet fuel is expensive though...haha

    Sucks you got a ticket, and were not able to fish. But like you said, you learned your lesson, so hopefully it wont happen again.

    You could have got some nice :p
  14. [Bill of Rights]

    Article the tenth [Amendment VIII]

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    $130.00 fine for speeding sure sounds excessive to me. What a racket.
  15. ^^^^^that is excessive, $130 for tinted windows...that is a racket
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    Why did you leave out the part of the story about how you tried to wiggle your way out of it by flashing him with your man-boobs?
  17. who needs enemies when you have friends like mike? :p
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    Correct! Ya gotta man-up and take responsibility for your actions.

    Funny thing, I was in traffic court once (some foreigner fell asleep and come across lanes and hit our vehicle while driving down I-95 in VA), and sitting there waiting for our case to come up, was listening to a dude pleading his case to the judge on a speeding ticket. He made an ass out of himself, and everyone in the gallery laughed him out of the room.

    Marshall, you got off easy. I got a ticket on the Washington beltway two years ago that ran just shy of $300. I was just keeping up with traffic... She says, "I was waiting for you all day." I told her "I was trying to get here just as damn fast as I could too." :D
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    Another nice little piece of equipment the highway patrol has (and doesn't want you to know about) is night vision equipment.
    Say you are driving down a dark rural road and see a car coming at you. That other car is a OSHP car but you don't know it and cannot see anything but two headlights coming at you.
    They have equipment that will dim your headlights and brighten the interior of your car (intensify your dashboard lights) so they can see everything you are doing on their monitor just like the daytime.
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    Im paying the ticket no questions, i was speeding.THe officer mentioned something about taking a defensive driving course to waive something. Not sure if it will waive my points or what, either way i still have to pay. Funny thing is i just took a required defensive driving course for work about 6 months ago. I guess it didn't work. In reality i usually am a speedlimit driver or a little over. I have to say in my truck you can be going faster than You think pretty easily. Moral to the story and why I posted this is to remind everyone how expensive a speeding ticket is. Mike, I guess saturday when we fish i'll just have to put a whoppen on ya after the man boob comment! LOL.:p