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    Well my ATI graphics card that cost me $170 and was purchased 3/23/06 went to crap (see earlier post about monitor not reading any signal). Filled out my online form with AMD (who now owns ATI) and got an email stating I'm entitled to nothing. Rather expensive card that lasted 14 months... I'm not at all happy. Even some kind of a credit or partial cost for replacement woulda been fair and I would be ok with that, but nothing?! As much as I can avoid it, I won't be doing any business with AMD/ATI now.

    And as a side note - my box wasn't one that I traveled around with for gaming parties - didn't abuse it - has plenty of fans in it - so it wasn't overheated, etc etc...
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    Yeah, it's too bad AMD and ATI merged. I really like AMD processors, but prefer NVIDEA over ATI!!! I have a BFG 7900GS NVIDEA PCI-E card, and it runs like a champ.

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    I've had good luck with the Nvidia cards in the past - thanks for the reminder about them, I shoulda stuck with them.
  4. I had a $530 ati card that crapped out twice. Well..technically the second one was a different card. They both crapped out within the warranty, so I was able to get a free replacement, but still annoying.