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Ambassaduer reels

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by zipperneck52, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. zipperneck52

    zipperneck52 fished with Noah

    Just aquired a pair of Abu reels. 1 #6000 with case and parts and 1 #5000 with case and parts. Anyone know if these are worth keeping as collectables. Both have some boat rash but work great. hate to blow them off in a garage sale if they're worth collecting. Thanks for any input...
  2. Not sure about that but I have one of the 5000 that I still use its about 20 years old give or take a couple...

  3. I have a 5000 and a 5000C that I got back in the 60's and they are still in great working order. :) Paid $58 for the 5000 back then and it was worth every penny. I caught my trophy Musky from Lake Of The Woods with the 5000. Those were state of the art reels when they came out and were built tough. I remember hearing about a place out of state that does a complete rebuild on them but I cannot recall who they are.
  4. If you can send me a couple pics, I will try to help, if not, send a detailed description.
  5. Don't just sell them to anyone who comes along asking... It be better to sell on EBay to find out what they are really worth...
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