aluminum boat tramsom problem

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  1. the transom on my boat is bent what would it cost to fix this.16 ft boat
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    some pics would be helpful with suggestions.description at least,as to how/where and wood condition.

  3. wood is soft inside.about half of tramsom is bent out from bottom of boat to top there is i/2 inch gap on each side of tramsom and 1 inch in the middle by the motor the center support brackett that ribbets to the bottom of boat an to the middle of the tramsom it is broken also.the whole tramsom needs redone. this is sylvan deep vee boat 16ft long with a 70hp motor and tilt an trim unit it has been on a lot of road trips to alabama and south carolina.the roads have been rough on it.all that wieght hanging back there. tramson saver helps still pulls on tramsom a lot.
  4. probably more than you can get a used boat for
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    it can probably be straightened out,depending on a few things.if the wood can be replaced without any metal cutting,you may be able to do it yourself.the bowing in the transom was most likely due to weak/bad wood.i had the same problem with my 14 footer,and it was a little work,but i replaced the wood,added 1/8" plate and it straightened the transon right up.
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    i think you need some corner brsces too.there are some new ones on ebay for a low price.
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    ive had a 16 with a 50 horse and i know have a 19 ft with a 140 and i rebuilt the transoms on both. if you do the work your self its worth it if you pay someone to do it scrap the boat and use the money to get another one. marine plywood cost 80$ a sheet , treated is 30$.. the treated for some reason is a little thicker and harder to put back in but it seems more solid. you may be able to also put a brace from the top engine mount holes to each side of the boat about 2 or 3 feet from the transom to keep some weight distibuted. whatever you do make sure you use stainless bolts and lock washers.
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    i have heard that the treated will corrode aluminum. i would use exterior grade plywood and waterproof it with paint or a coat of fiberglass.
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    I replacd the transom on a 18' aluminum boat this time last spring.

    The job took three times as long as I estimated. Lots and lots of screws holding the splashwell to the transom and most were tough to get to.

    If it's a decent boat, the repair job is worth it.

    The cost in materials (wood, paint, sealant, stainless screws, nuts, bolts washers etc.) was around $300. If I had to pay someone else to do the job, the labor costs would've probably made me sell the boat.

    I used exterior grade plywood, and sealed it with six coates of a product called Aluthane from Progressive Epoxies.

    All drilled holes and screws were sealed with 3M marine sealant/adhesive.
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    My buddy has an 18 foot Sylvan and he had the same problem with the wood going bad in the transom only his wasn't bent out of shape. He was beginnig to get a lot of water in the bilges from the transom flexing, allowing water in the splash well to run into the bilges. He removed the motors and rear decking and took it apart and replaced the wood using 2 pieces of Marine plywood glued together and treated to prevent water seepage into the wood. He did it all him self and it is in good condition now. It will probably outlast him.
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    The marine plywood was 3/4 inches thick and he glued it back to back making it 1 1/2 inches thick.