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Alumicraft questions opinions

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by exexec, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. I am looking at a 175 deep v with a 50 hp 4 stroke. Any opinions would be appreciated. I think boat is '97 with '97 motor.
  2. Is That A 17.5 Ft.boat?if It Is A 50hp Wont Push It Too Opinion Is Have A Mechanic Look It Over Good Before Buying It..also,take It Fishing And See If It Really Catches Fish/////also,that Motor Isnt A Cruise N Carry Is It?

  3. Good advice from Argee on having it looked over by a mecanic before buying a uesd boat. I have a 99 Alumacraft 165 side console deep v with a 50 HP motor on it. I've had the boat for 2 years now, when I bought it from a dealer as a new-holdover. Overall, I'd say the hull is pretty good quality. I have a few minor complaints on the layout sometimes, but who doesn't. I had a 2003 50 HP 2-stroke Johnson put on it last spring. On the top end I get anywhere from 27 to 30 MPH on the GPS depending on how much weight i'm floating, waves and wind. My only complaint so far is that since the one year anniversary of the motor it's been in the shop 2 weeks for an unknown powerpack/stator problem and now after having it back for a week it's about to go back for a broken tilt/trim sensor. Fortunately, the motor is still under warranty for another year. But my recent motor problems aside, I do like my Alumacraft, despite being a wet ride when the waves kick up and enjoy fishing from it quite a bit. Next time I buy, I may buy another Alumacraft or a Sylvan but it will be atleast 18ft so my family of 4 can have a little more room to fish. I think there's a pic of my boat in the "what does your boat look like thread."

  4. You will be under powered with a 50 four stroke. I have a 60 on my 16.5 foot and it has enough to get you by in rough water but the throttle response time on a four cycle sucks so you need more hp to allow for operation at less than full throttle all the time. I feel the 60 is just right as I can get 33/34 mph top end alone and 30/31 with Big Daddy aboard which is a fair :rolleyes: load.