Alumacraft boats factory great customer service

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishcrazy, Feb 16, 2005.

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    I have a older Alumacraft boat and the Capacity tag was missing. I emailed them I had two emails the next day. Both said they would take care of me, no questions asked just simply we'll take care of it. It's nice to know that some companies still appreciate your bussiness and stand behind customer satisfaction. Hat's off to Alumacraft Boats, I'll definately look there way when I buy a new one.

  2. Had the wrong engine tag on my boat,they sent me the right one in less than a week.Great people to deal with!

  3. Saw a post on another message board recently about Alumacraft. Apparently they are one of the last independantly owned boat companies left (not owned by Brunswick or Genmar). From what I inferred, if you call Alumacraft there's a good chance the owner will take care of your service request personally! You don't see that much anymore!

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    I was checking those out at the Columbus Boat Show and I fell in love with the 175 Navigator SC. Oh boy. She's the girl for me. I'm glad they have good customer service! I'm a stickler for good customer service.
  5. Gotta agree. Although the dealer I bought my Alumacraft from was a little (well alot) on the weak side, my local dealer, despite his prices being a bit on the high side, has always treated me good. When I contemplated buying my boat (a 1999 new holdover) in 2003 the customer reps at the factory went back and found the product litterature for that model in '99, scanned in every page and e-mailed it to me since the model had been discontinued. When I buy another boat, my choice has already been made that it'll be another Alumacraft. Solidly built with good components and pretty much trouble free for me. The one my girlfriend picked out for me to get her in a year or two when I trade mine in is the Navigator 165 Sport ( Man, that 90" beam gives you some room to move around in the stern area plus the full windshield helps keep her a little warmer in the cold weather than my side console does.