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  1. any updates from alum lately? debating on taking the boat out or parking the butt in the tree stand
  2. I went yesterday and it was horrible.No boat docks,water was way low.200 feet from shore on the west side north of the beach it was 2-3 fow.Next year for me.

  3. I was there monday, and caught over 30 white bass, and a handful of smallies and largemouth. The fishing is still on.
  4. For saugeyes, try walking the banks and shore casting at night. I have been doing quite a bit of "exploring" with the current low water levels. I have been targeting areas of rocky/gravel shoreline near deep water. I normally try to fish windblown areas. As for lure selection, the 1/8 or 1/16 oz jigs with twister have been the ticket. It's been hit or miss for sure, but I've caught several fish over 19" within the last week.

    It takes alot of work, and alot of hiking. I've been averaging 3 or 4 spots per trip with 2-3 miles of walking each night.

    On a side note, last night no eye's were caught, but a pack of coyotes was howling and yipping in the woods behind me. It was pretty freaky. Must be holoween. Bob
  5. Nice going Bob. Sorry i never got around to replying to your PM. Ying6 called me last night while he was doing battle with a huge alum muskie. Gotta give the guy credit for multi-tasking I guess :D. Same program.
  6. Cory I would be up in a tree instead.....
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    Fished it docks, real low as stated...launching is a bit tricky, but manageable.

    Caught a buncha crappie, nice bass, and a big cat...most came on vibees/cicadas or jigs. Had 2 nice fish (assuming eyes) come unbuttoned before we could get em in. Wind was STIFF!!! Clarity was stained, temps 56-58.
  8. Been hitting it 3-4 times a week, it has been hit or miss. Couple nights ago got 3 and the ski. Fish were every where popping the top of the water. Couple guys around me hit the whitebass pretty good but I wasn't getting them to go.
    As always I seem to jump the gun about 2 or 3 weeks early. I just can't wait. For the past 3 or 4 years EE and I have been really successful after Thanksgiving on the area lakes. Normally the shallow lakes heat up (or technically cool down) quicker and we get them there first.
    Who knows, still waiting for that first pop from a fish on a husky jerk or Smithwick...
  9. thanks guys for the inputs i ended up in the tree for an exciting morning... keep us updated on the fall EYE and crappie bite