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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bluufrdtrk, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Fished the spillway and above the dam with no luck this evening for a couble hrs. I was wondering where everyone was parking at when they fished above the dam? Cause i was the only car in the parking lot on the east side of the spillway, and walked up the stairs.
    I might go somewhere tomarrow night just havent decided yet.
    The reoson I didnt fish above the dam any longer then i did is because when i got there i found out my fav. spinning rod broke in the car and had to use my baitcaster. And that is one heck of a chore when the wind is blowing in your face.
  2. there is a place to park on the west side of the dam. If you are coming out of the area you parked in last night. Turn right, go over the bridge, past the first little turn in and start going up the hill. The next turn is has a little parking lot that makes the west side of the dam pretty accessible.
    I will probaby be hitting that area today.

  3. If you thought the wind was blowing last night, wait until this afternoon and evening. 25-35 with gusts to 50MPH.
  4. Thanks for the info ying6.
    Errieaddict , The wind wasnt all that bad last night it just casting a baitcaster into what wind there was really made it hard. If the wind is from the right direction it might be a good night to throw rattle traps into it at buckeye lake.
    thanks again guys
  5. what road is the west side lot on?
  6. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    imagine its lewis center road..
  7. Yes, lewis center. Not a very difficult place to find once you start going up the hill. With the snow cover right now, rocks anywhere are going to be difficult to fish off of. Be careful. I also noticed that there was a much stronger wind than I thought on the lake last night. The temps have really switched gears the last few days
  8. Did you end up fishing yesterday after all? Do any good?

    By the way, didn't your daddy ever tell you....when one headlight burns out you're supposed to replace BOTH of 'em. :D
  9. I headed to ALum after work yesterday to fish with RiverWalker. Unfortunately, I get off work at 9 am and RiverWalker gave me the Heisman!!!!! Fished the Bridge at Cheshire, the mountain bike area for crappie, and then the spillway. Not a thing to report except cold hands and a huge muskie that I was toying with. I spotted him on the east side of the spillway just ahead of where you can't walk on the sidewalk anymore. He was probably 36-40 inches easily. He'd move out of the way when I threw a HJ10 by him, but he did flash at a vibee as I jigged it along the break wall. I couldn't have landed the fish on spinning tackle and 8 lb. line, but I would've loved to hook him once and see how long I could've kept him on. He moved a few times, but always came back after a few minutes.

  10. the 8 pound test line would not have been your down fall, but the clam coated square posts that line the main pool area directly below the spillway would have. not quite sure they make a line that could with stand rubbing up against those posts and still work a lure in a presentable manner.
  11. - Sounds like you got a little entertainment.. if nothing else. I wish there was a way we could get those fish back in the lake. Seems to be a sad state when you witness a fish swimming in a pool like that.
    - I gave it a try last night for about an hour. Froze and caught nothing. I would give myself a c- grade, as I just wasn't into it. So, who knows if I would have caught anything or not.
    My next trip I might try a different method and go during the day. Just to mix things up a little.
    Cobras have you fished at all this week? Any luck? - Monday night around 6:30 was my only good day and time. A lot of waves and wind in my face. - Big rogue, black and white.

  12. ying, the last couple of weeks has been a sample of what the "good ole days" were like not quite but a sample at least. however this week has been pretty sad.
  13. It's funny, my buddy (eeek) and I were just talking about that. You can definitely see the change in the way the fish are feeding. It is almost like they knew that there was going to be this cold snap and that they had to get as much food as possible before the turn of the weather. (all speculation)
    We were talking about in the past how sometimes we would miss those opportunities to fish right before a big change and then end up fishing after. Now, I think we are starting to see the pattern develop and try to hit for as long as we can push it. Monday night, for me basically made me feel like the change is definitely here. Last night, summed it up. It is time to try a slower more methodical method of fishing. - for me. Not sure eeek and stomach that. lol
  14. EE


    It's been a week and a half since I've been out, but the first week of December was the best week of fishing I've had in years........ caught and released a fish-ohio saugeye, fish-ohio walleye, fish-ohio steelhead (rainbow) all in a week. sounds like I haven't missed too much in the past week or so...heading back out for some saugeye in the next few days (may even have to force myself to use a technique that hasn't grown on me yet), I'll post my results (unless Ying beats me to it).......
  15. cobras is right. In that skinny water, it would be tough to not get broken off by rocks or zebs. I've landed 2 Muskies nearly 40" on both 6 and 8 lb mono (fishing for 'eyes or Smallies in Canada) but in open water. Also, on the vibee (small lure) if you hooked her in past the jaw those teeth would cut light mono like butter. :(

    eeek-What a week! Doesn't get any better than that! :)
  16. Is anyone still gettting a boat into Alum? I am relatively new to Alum Creek-what seems to be working now? What has been everyone experience as it gets colder? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks. :confused:
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    bones blah-blah-blah

    have you tried the west side of howard road across the boat launch ?