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    just wondering if they are letting any water out? will either be there or delaware sta or sunday morn def going to get out somewhere. any info would be appreciated
  2. No water release at Alum. It's still 3-4 feet below normal winter pool. There not releasing water at Delaware yet either but that will change soon. She's rising fast.

  3. I was below dam yesterday and the water was very clear and shallow. There was some ice left on the creek but sections were fishable. I was there to test out a new reel and I happened to be casting on the ice and dragging it across to open water and I caught a 30 inch muskie on acdcident. That turned out to be a good test on my rod. I was there fo only 20-30 minutes I would imagine the ice is gone now after 2 days of warmer weather and gusty winds. There was about 7-8 guys fishing on other side of bridge not sure if they caught anything.
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    depending on what i have goin gon i might try delaware first then if nothing move to alum for a while. are any sections of the lakes open or is it all still frozen
  5. The west bank of alum was fishable on wedsday, Im sure the entire lake will be thawed soon.
  6. Was at delaware last night looked wide open atleast from the top of the dam. My buddy said he fished hoover last night and it was mostly all open water above dam.
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    Alum isnt releasing much water at all and that likely won't change anytime soon. The temp is fluctuating slightly around the 42 degree mark. That is the temp for the gauge below the dam.

    Delaware's flow rate has been up and down. They are currently discharging water and could increase the flow depending on what the resevoir pool looks like. I didn't check the Army Corps site for that. If I were going for saugeye this weekend, I would probably hit Hoover or Delaware. However, I am a lousy prognosticator for the spring saugeye bite.
  8. Slim and I hit Delaware the other day with a BIG ZERO! Flow isn't (wasn't) right and since then they completely shut it off.
    I haven't look to see if they have it back up. I am not sure where would be a good spot this weekend. Maybe I will go ice fishing on erie.
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    has the water level came up at delaware in the lake? might try for some crappie in the lake or maybe evn some cats in the spillways if i don't do any good on the eyes. probabaly go out sun morn
  10. I fished below hoover and on the lake a little yesterday. No luck. On the lake I could hardly cast, d/t wind conditions. The entire east side of the lake was open near the dam, but most of the west still had Ice at least in the afternoon. I just can't wait.
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    ended up going to delaware from about 11 to 4 had alot of missed bites with one coming off at the bank buddy aslo had one come unbuttoned at the bank. water was up quite a bit and moving saw a few nice fish caught. all that were caught were good sized. alum had no water coming out and had some ice still on it and the main lake above chesire road had ice covering all of it. delaware lake its self was clear but water was really high might try again next weekend or head up to mad river depending on how the weather is