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  1. Went out to alum a couple of weeks ago. Me and my dad got in the water just before sun rise started to troll chesire amd about five minutes in to fishing something was on, something bigger than the usuall crappie. Started shaking his head thought it was a saguey then got it up to the surface and it was a muskie :] 30" 6lbs it was my first muskie and boy do they fight. Did not get a picture of it which was dissapointing. But about a hour later the fishing was real slow caught about 4 crappies then we got another big hit it was a nice largemouth he fought just as hard as the muskie, he was 18.5" and 3lbs. Although the fishing was real slow those two made up for it :]
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    Surprises like that makes fishing fun! Congrats on that muskie, I've been wanting to catch one of those forever.