Alum Weds 7/16 Musky Trollin

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  1. Went trollin on Alum Wednesday afternoon and evening. 4 hookups... 2 landed. The four hookups came on three different cranks... diving at different depths... and in different parts of the lake. No pattern to mention but the one noticeable thing was they got bigger as the day went by. Saw the fin and tail of the last one hooked, and it was definitely over 40". Didn't get it in though... threw the hooks.
    Took a friend and he caught the first one of his life. Also took home a bonus cat of about 4lbs.
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    WTG duck...I think anybody would be happy to have a day like that...I have never fished you fish south of Cheshire road or north...I have always wanted to get up there but never seem to dial in a plan to do it! I seem to hold out to get to Erie for eyes, but I really love those toothy critters! Maybe you have inspired me to get off dead center and give it a try!

  3. Have tried locations here and there north of Cheshire, and have never caught any fish. Guys that do well in the north part of the lake probably don't have to worry about any competition from me unless I get wind of a secret spot;) .
  4. I am commin up from FL at the end of the month, I wanted to try some Muskie and Saugeye fishing, any tips, area time and lure selections?
    Any help would be great!!
  5. I have been at this just a few years, and don't really have the experience to give any real advice. My biggest fish of my life came while trolling for Saugeyes!! This is the first year I have put out nothing but Muskie baits, and have been targeting them exclusively. Notice that my post states that I was only 2 for 4 and there was no specific lure or depth that was a preferred presentation.
    However...Esoxhunter has been at this a while, and is actually guiding a little locally. Send him a line and he should be able to give you a few pointers.
  6. By the way...I love those Snook. But a discussion about them can come later
  7. Hey duckhound! im a muskie fisher as well! we usually hit them over right in front of the beach area. Whereve you been having your luck?
  8. just to respond to the location question...
    Hookups for the day were two close to the east shore, and two close to the west shore. One was just off the beach like yours.