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  1. I just saw where Alum water leve is 882. This is below the normal winter pool of 885. Does anyone know why they are dropping the water level below normal winter pool? I am unaware of any construction this winter on the ramps so I am not sure why the lake level would be below normal pool.
  2. the ramps are to be repaired and improved.

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    The only reason that I can think of would be due to the more than normal winter we are expecting to have . I have personaly saw it dropped down further in previous years when this was expected to happen . I wouldnt worry about it to much because the lake will fill back up very rapidly by spring . :)
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    Which ramp is the best place to launch from right now? Or should I winterize this weekend?

    Thanks in advance,
    William (la2ohio)

    P.S. Has anyone been out recently and if so, any crappie still biting or has anyone tried for the musky and smallmouth with luck? :)
  5. I asked this same Q on another site. The state is indeed dropping the lake to 882' for a temporary period of time to do some repairs. What those repairs are I don't know. They will then bring the lake back up to winter pool (885'). Sorry I don't know any more than that.
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    i used galena sunday, with no problems besides the wind.
  7. Snyd,
    from another source I heard that they are about ready to put the plug back in the dam. that should straighten things up above it for a little while.

    Net, I am leaving for my florida trip today... but when I get on!
  8. Have a good time & let me know when you get back. Addict emailed me this morning. Looks like he now wants to learn the ways of the force from Yoda himself. That'll keep me busy till you return. :D
  9. I talked to a Park Ranger yesterday (Wednesday) who told me they are pulling all docks out as soon as they can. The gate to enter Marina ramp was locked so you could not even get near the water.
  10. Fellas,

    What lakes or reserviors do they not lower to a winter pool? it appears that OShay and Griggs are still steady, but will they drop soon too? I'm hoping to get some more fishing in with my new trolling motor before zI close up for the year. Anyone still catching bass anywhere?

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    Griggs and O'Shaugnessy are not lowered. They are a main source for City water. If they do get low it due to the lack of Rain, which we haven't had to worry about this year. I expect the dock to be pulled at both places soon though.
  12. "Learn the ways of the force from YODA". OH Please!?!?!
  13. Had a feeling you'd like that one...hehe. Saturday sounds good. I'll give you a call.
  14. I was thinking this AM. Of the few times we have fished together, I can't honestly say that I have ever seen you catch anything. I hope I don't learn that trick!
  15. Be prepared for disappointment tomorrow. When I'm driving the boat I usually try to put my guests right on top the fish. Now you'll be fishing in my wake. :D

    I hope the original poster got their question answered. I didn't mean to highjack this thread. :eek:
  16. Well, I am back and I do not see any results on your little fishing trip. Wonder if anything was caught?
    I also think they have finished dropping the level. The water behind my house isn't running like someone left the plug out of the drain.
  17. I posted results in the thread titled "Alum this Saturday". Final tally was 2-0 in favor of the guy driving the boat. :rolleyes:
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    And what a boat it is :D Talk about all the toys! That Genesis he has is pretty trick, and had my dad and I drooling :) I've said this before EA, and will say it again...SWEET rig man.
  19. I agree shake. Addict has a sweet rig... but let me set the record straight here. Erie Addict was a guest on board MY boat Saturday evening. Hence the gloating on my part. :D
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    AHHHHHH I gotcha :) When I saw him in the morning, he was in that floating cadillac of his...just assumed that you guys were out in that. Then again, it prolly turns into a pumpkin when it gets dark :D