Alum Warning Please Read

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  1. went over to Alum today(Thursday) with my boat. Every dock was well under water. I couldn't find any place to put my boat in. Unless you have a passenger, and a boat that can be completely driven off of the trailer and back on to the trailer without the aid of a dock stay away. Of course if you don't mind swimming you might be OK. No one, like an elderly person, or small child,who might have trouble balancing or walking should try it. I went to three different launch points, including the Marina. I also drove by the Dam and they are barely letting any water out at all, probably because of downstream flooding.
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    I was thinking about going there tommrow.
    But not now.:(

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    Did you try New Galena I belive the docks there are on posts and float up with the water level
  4. The docks float, the ramp to the dock is under water. At Cheshire it was right at knee deep to get to the main dock or to the courtesy dock. Lots of debri floating around too. At least it's hot out & the water felt good.
  5. Hmmmmm this could be ugly. Please keep everyone posted on the conditions and thanks in advance. I just read that Deer Creek is even worse. I'm guessing its the same just about everywhere. I hope its down by Sunday, at least enough to launch.
  6. we put in at the marina today, i also drove by at looked at cheshire its the same as the marina, the docks float and are up out of water at both ramps, you just have to walk in the water on the ramp that goes to the dock for about 20 feet and the water is up just above your knees. you can still tie off your boat at the very end of the docks, especially no problem for two ppl. deer creek is jacked, they cancelled the tourny there on sat, word is the water is 12 ft above ramps and docks
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    At this very second, Alum is 2.4 feet above normal summer pool. However, Deer Creek is 13.4 feet above pool. Deleware is 7.6 feet above. And the worst, Paint Creek is 26 feet above.
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    It's not pretty. With many other lakes around at flood stage and above, Alum is holding water. The weather forcast calls for 15-25 mph winds today and a chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday. The water clarity is only going to get worse and the water level may come up even more. A boat can be launched, but it is tricky and then the fishing may or may not be so good. Be careful if you do go out this weekend.

  9. They are dumping quite a bit out of delaware right now, it should be down by sunday. They have Alum locked up except for a slow trickle, you can expect alum to probably rise a little more unless they start releasing soon, but with more rain expected it may be a bust for the weekend.
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    73 cfs is not much of a release. In fact, I don't think it would change the lake level much at all. It might allow it to stop rising(even though it only rose .10" in the last 24 hours).

    They'll probably bump it up to 400, 700 or 1100+ when they are looking to drop the lake. With other area resevoirs really high though they might not do a major release for a few days. It's hard to say when really?

  11. I went out to Hoover and Delaware yesterday, and there wasn't anywhere to safely launch. Water was the highest I have seen in awhile. Hopefully we don't get too much rain this weekend, but who knows.
  12. CG,

    I totally agree with you on the cfs (lack thereof). I was expecting that to be the beginning of a ramp up. Up to 181 now, which is still low. It would be nice if they waited.
  13. Still going...and going...and going
    Almost to 600 now
  14. we had trouble with wind and the high water but we still went out. all we had was a little 14 footer but we did have luck with the crappie. good size on slip bobber had no luck with Muskie.
  15. Went accross the cheshire bridge today while at work. The water at the ramps didn't discourage too many folks, I saw half a dozen boats both of my trips across. looked really choppy.
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    Wheres the bait shop at?
    Also is there a place where kids can jump from the boat to swim?:) \Have a phone number for the bait shop?
  17. Cheshire Market is where I get all my tackle/minnows. Its located on the corner of Cheshire rd and Africa rd. (740) 548-6334 The kids will have optimal chances of swimming if you are launching a boat anytime soon. Tight lines.
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    Launched alone at Cheshire at 3pm yesterday....pulled up and a guy in front of me in a big cabin cruiser was launching solo...we both had the same "how are we going to do this solo" looks on our faces and decided to help each other out, and backed each other in. Bridged the gap between fisherman and pleasure boater :D

    Lake was high and muddy in spots (but not as bad as I was expecting) and had to wade in knee deep water to get from shore > docks. Crappie were on fire tho, and was catching them a bit farther off the bank (deeper) than I was earlier in the week. Same spots, just deeper.

    Going back out tomorrow with Chopiq and his bro...should be interesting :D
  19. haha, well they started dropping the water on friday eve so it should start to go down today, until then the kids would have been able to swim from the dock to the boat like everyone else has had top do the past three days...but you can run the boat down to the beach and park and they can swim there, also i think i seen a swimm bouy up in big run too, and not for sure but i have seen some ppl there swimming is above 36/37, dont know if there is a swim bouy though up there