Alum tomorrow

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by beatsworkin, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. Anyone fishing Alum Thursday? Will be taking a cousin and an uncle from Arizona out tomorrow morning to Alum.

    Have not been out on the lake since May. Not sure what we will focus on yet, anyone been catching any crappie? I will be in a tracker targa 17, my dad will be in a red and biege Sylvan.

    Anyone know if they will let you go underneath the 36/37 bridge w/the construction project getting under way? Thanks in advance for any info! if anyone is out and you see us stop and say hello. If I remember, I will turn on the radio to channel 70...
  2. I was drifting with worms/spinners---just north of Hollenback ramp, west side. The "eyes" were there in 25' to 28'. Got some 15" but they are real slow to bite. I returned all to grow up. Numerous schools of shad were getting busted by some really big crappie just outside and just inside the coves along that side also. They would not hit anything. I tried rooster tails, jigs, small cranks and top water. No go. They sometimes were within 5 yds. of the boat, just smacking the hell out of thos shad. Maybe you can get em. Good luck!!! :mad:

  3. A little late on this report, have had no access to a computer last 4 days. Tried spinner rigs for a while with limited success on small 'eyes. Caught a few crappie in shallow around wood but caught most crappie in 16-25 fow. Biggest was about 12.5". Caught 30 to 40 or so.

    All still kicking. I'm looking forward to fishing this fall, should be a pretty good crappie and saugeye bite.