Alum this evening

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  1. Well got home had to get some things done for wife got done faster then expected. Looked at radar decided to go to Alum for couple hours. Wind was surprisingly blowing hard. So i hit some west points where i have hit some saugeyes and crappies. Jig fish as usual got crappies all night long they were just slamming jig if you got it to them. 8-12 foot water on bottom would cast acrossed wind and let jig sink then lift pole up and keep line in wind making a big bow in line. Would allow wind to push jig along bottom and watch for line to straighten out and set hook. Most were as others have mentioned 8-9" blacks all thick and healthy going to banner year in couple years. Ended up keeping 11 10"-12" ones. Not one saugeye some nice white bass though. Well as wind finally died some went back big run and hit some coves found nice 11-13" crappies in 3-6 foot of water east coves where wind has been pusing in all day were the ones with the nicer crappies. Kept 13 more 11-13" ones in about 50 minutes. Before going in stopped on saugeye spot and got 4 saugeyes 3 were 14-15" dinks and one 17" one that was a football loaded with shad when i cleaned it tonight. Was beautiful out there after dark wished i did not work in morning would have stayed out all night. Camera would not flash battery getting low pictures turned out to dark. Was great to get out been about 2 weeks for me was going crazy. Now pumped to get back out there. Good fishing guys Stay Safe!!:)
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    Sounds like a good night out on the big lake Slim....

    Wish i could find those 11-13" crappies in Alum you speak of... Biggest i've got out of there this year has been 11 and thats just one....

    We will be hitting up Alum tomorrow...

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    Love your reports slim. Jealous, but I usually learn something I can use.