Alum This Evening!!

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  1. Well had no plans to fish tonight but got home and wife changed plans was going with kids shopping. My buddy was sittting there with poles in truck and said lets go to Alum for couple hours. So we did!! Went to one of my hot points Shake Newbreed you know the one and first cast 24 1/4" Saugeye two casts later it's twin which by he way is still swimming as buddy proceeded to beat it off the hook with net at boat!!:( Thought we were going to tear them up but ended up being alot of dinks we kept 5 others about 17-17 1/2" long. Bass were busy again we caught 4 over 1 pound 2 would go over 2 pounds both were smallmouths. Crappies were gong crazy still in shallow water but 99% were 8-9" not many large ones. All hit jigs and twisters.:)

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  2. Pigsticker

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    Great evening Slim. You get unbelievable production from Alum IMO. Keep up the good work.

  3. Fishslim,
    What color twisters and jigs where you doing the best with?
  4. Darwin

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    From the looks of his console in the lower left corner of the picture he was using chartruse and maybe white?

    Another fine report and catch by Fishslim, "You Da Man"! :cool:
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    Hey, that's a real dandy saugeye ya got there fishslim. Nice catch.

  6. misfit

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    nice catch,troy.i gotta get with the program and get out more.all i have in the freezer is crappie filets:(
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    Sweet Catch.!
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    dag slim....i almost called to harrass you again yesterday!

    when u guiding me to some of that stuff? i want some:D

    when will you shift gears and start using harnesses??

  9. Nice work fishslim! You do very well with those saugeye.
  10. Nice!

    Hopefully once I get the boat(with a real engine) back next week I can start finding some good spots since I'll be free of the shoreline!!
  11. Hey Newbreed i would have called you but like i said it was a unexpected trip and my old fishing buddy was standing in my driveway with poles in hand. Might of got it's twin if somebody else was there to net it. :) Between Charlie and my son-in-law i almost run to the front of the boat grab the net close the walk thru window and tell them to back off :D That makes 7 nice fish this year and last fall they have knocked off at the boat usually end up with lure on outside of net instead of inside with fish. Will try to get you out but friday is a wash Wife has eye surgery makes me nervous for 26 years now she has had blurry vision now they say she will see clearly. Might finally figure out what she got!!:) Was using as seen in picture my bulk supply of chartuese and limetruese tails no white i keep them hidden from camera!! I am tellng you though if you want them to hold onto the jig longer start tipping a 1/4inch chunk of crawler on the hook. They do not need half of worm right now they are agressive and prowling so alittle flavor flav is all that is needed. Let it sink to bottom on a fairly tight line watching jig as it fall when it hits bottom let it sit there a few seconds then lift it before reeling they will be there on first lift so be ready!! Crawler harness what is that? Have to go out with Misfit for that. I start here soon using 1/8th ounce to 1/4 ounce whistler jigs or ROADRUNNERS ;) with worm or minnow thats all i seem to need to get them going at Alum. Wait till next month into August and pitch whistler jig with fathead minnow and yo yo it like a vibee off the bottom to the boat. Hold on those eyes love it!!
  12. misfit

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    whistler jigs???i think i might have a couple of them in the bag they really work?;)
  13. They work for EVERYTHING!!! Working on a new sponsor since my mentor has already got Roadrunners locked up!!:D But yes they do love them in heat of summer!!
  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    here's one of about a dozen that fell for a whistler fished by pipeliner one afternoon last year.we boated over 2 dozen 15-21 inchers in a few hours trolling hoover.he caught almost as many as i did on harnesses;)

  15. Nice Rick i got a spot at Indian that is about 2 weeks away from Whistler Paradise. But you got to fish it in the heat of the mid-day or you miss the big boys. Oh yeah hopping it in 3-4 foot water you can burn your toes in from the hot water!!;)
  16. misfit

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    i hate the heat:mad: :D
    didn't used to bother me when i worked in it every day,but now when it hits 85 i'm down for the count:(
    but i've had some nice catches on those days when i was still able to handle it.