Alum Sunday Morning 7/29

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  1. Got on today at 7am. Used harnesses across from the marina. Caught 1 dink eye. Moved to the beach and managed 4 eaters before the sun burned through the clouds and the yoo hoos started showing up. In all, it was a good morning (compared to the past month or so out there).
    Is anyone doing any good on saugeyes? I havent read much of anything at all on here lately.
  2. I was there also, in a red lund with my son and dad. We managed 1 eater pulling harnesses and 3 small smallmouths using softcraws and then the yahoos showed up and about the 4th time we got tossed, I decided we'd had enough and pulled the plug.. Oh well, it beat a sharp poke in the eye or a day of work....

  3. jigg'in

    jigg'in Flat Water

    Great catch bub, will try myself tuesday morning at Alum. Havn't decited where I'm going to launch yet. Probaly cheshire and head north to big run.
  4. Gfunk,
    Were you in the Alaskan with the top up? I was the white Lund Tyee right next to you. Good to hear you got into them. I hope this is a sign that it's heating up a little.
    See you next time around.
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    Dad and I were out this morning also. We tried crappies first, but the bite rate was pretty slow. So, with a good drift wind and plenty of boaters to bounce us :) we targetted saugeyes. We got two (16" and 19", respectively) drifting humps from 15 to 25 fow. One took green erie deerie (spelling?) other took firetiger jig, both were tipped with worm.
  6. Yep, that was me, thought we were going to catch a few, saw you and the other boat kind of hanging around down there, didn't want to crowd you though. Good to see you got a few, we always catch at least enough for a dinner between the smallmouth and the saugeye, but not today... I think the hot weather is coming and they know it, might have to wait for a rainy day and put that top to a good use....