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Alum staterday(yesterday)

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bluufrdtrk, May 9, 2004.

  1. We started out way up north to try our luck with the crappies caught 7 over nine inches in the mud, that was slow so we trolled out of the no wake zone heading south. Before we got to the bridge we hit a nice 20 inch saugeye on a small perch wally diver. After that we continued to the south basin of the lake and started trolling the points on the east side. Between 4 of us our daily total was over 30 saugeye between 10 and 20 inches, about 5 smallies(all small) and 7 crappie. All the saugeye and smallies took double jointed shadraps 150 - 200 ft back, and the new glass shadraps 200 ft back.
  2. Sounds like you had a awesome day. Congrads on the nice catch. At what speeds were you trolling?


  3. the magic number was 2.7 gps. And yes it was a very fun day.
  4. 200ft back? you must be trolling the entire lake before you turned? - I was still working the vertical jig bite on Saturday.. waited until most of the boaters started to pull out though.
    What size was your glass shad rap? - Just trying to figure out the depth. We caught one nice eye, 21inches or so.. 14ft of water. But a lot of effort was done for that one.
    Almost time to switch to trolling.
  5. Ying,
    We were pretty much trolling from the chesire bridge to the last point down by the galena boat ramp.we were bumping bottem in 11- 13 fow as we would hit the points, thats when we would start cutting out, and then cut in as you pass the point, then repeat as you go down or up the lake. We use a gps and get a good path, then all we had to do was follow the gps.
    Like i said, we were trying to stay at 2.7 on the gps. So the fish are very agresive right now.
    Hope this helps
  6. Way to go Bobby. I love to fish Alum but won;t go near there on the weekends. I get too aggrevated with the morons there and their speedboats and jetski's. I guess I'm getting old or something like that. I just can't tolerate ignorance. Will try it this week thought for sure. I need some saugeye for the freezer already.
    Later man,
  7. Thanks Steve,
    Saterday wasent all that bad(Still alot of idiots though).
    good luck to you , i think we are heading to the big pond up north this weekend.