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    This report is late. I decided to make a few cast last Weds night at Alum after all the rain on Tues night. Well the water was way down below the rocks. They only had a trickle coming out of the dam. I got there at 830 and fished till almost 10pm. I got my first real muskie at 32", I know its still a baby but its the first one over 12" ive ever got and only my second one ever. I also got 3 saugeyes in the short time. Two of them were 18" and one came in at 12". The dude to my right lost a nicer muskie at the shore along with getting a few eyes. The old timer to my left got a beautiful 28" eye. I thought it was a muskie the way it was splashing around until I went and investigated his catch. Sad thing was he was putting it on the stringer next to a 6" eye that he caught earlier. I released all of mine though.

    Not bad for less than 90 minutes of fishing. I got everything on a big #14 clown HJ. After 4 toothy critters and those rocks about 70% of the paint came off. WTH? Are there such things as bad paint days at the factory? It was brand new when I started the night.

    Sorry no pics.
  2. Sounds like a good time i almost went down that night myself. Wish i had after that report. Water has been flowing right at top of sidewalk. Fished it awhile yesterday afternoon and got no muskies or saugeyes so i went to a spot and at spillway and caught about 40 crappie in about a little over a hour. Had 18 nice keepers mixed black and whites. Went back today in middle of heat still no muskies or saugeyes but a few more crappies. When it shuts down Kerry get back down there it will be hot!! Saw a 40" plus and couple mid-30's muskies stunned and flopping around the big one finally got his senses together and dodge the people trying to snag him. So i know a batch of tooths are in there waiting!!! Good job how's the smallmouths on erie doing you been up?

  3. I have been wanting to due some muskie fishing myself at Alums spillway for some time now. You guys have any suggestions on what to use for bait? I hear rattlin stick baits work pretty well? Is this true? Let me know what you think? Thanks in advance.
  4. check out pigstickers report...left it right out there, that was a pretty good evening for jsut a little bit of fishing wouldnt you say! i know what i would throw if i went there tonight or this week

    hj = husky jerks.....or use smithwicks rogues
  5. Hey thanks. Have a few smithwicks in the ol' tackle box. I'll give it a try.
  6. When you talk of fishing the spillway, is it done right from the sidewalk? I have never caught anything at Alum spillway & wondered if I was in the wrong place along spillway.

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    Really anywhere you can fit in. I was standing on the sidewalk but you can fish from the grass on the other side too. Don't feel bad about not catching anything there yet. Believe me I haven't managed to catch very much there either. I guess the moon and stars and averages were in my favor:) . Fish of 10,000 cast my butt. I've done that many times over to get this one.

    I was there last night too but only for about 30 minutes. It was too darn hot and too fast and high for my liking. No bites throwing the same paint chipped lure.

    Slim nice job on the crappies. Way to take what mother nature is giving you. Ive been quietly going up to Erie and slaying the buckets in the backwaters, bays and harbors. I'm dying to get out to the islands though and try my hand at some of those smalljaw. June is supposed to be the month!

    By the way the other 2 guys that were fishing next to me were both using jigs and twisters and having good success.
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    Where is Alum Spillway?