Alum spillway

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  1. fished Alum spillway for the first time this morning with a buddy. throw chartuse and orange twister tails for about an hour but the cold got to us. no fish but was nice to get out. water was about a foot below the sidewalk. still lookin for that first fish in 08 lol
  2. Good luck. I live close to the spillway and have only done well about one in ten times. You have to hit the spillway at just the right times and I'm not yet good enough to figure out the right times. I've been told that the best time is when the water level is above the sidewalk and I just so happened to catch some fish at that time.

  3. Ha, Alum Spillway = waste of time! I fished it many times and yes i caught some nice fish but all in all i wasted a lot of time there! Oh yea and wasted gas too! Just like what Playbuoy said to fish it when the water is up to the sidewalk, thats the time to be there.
  4. Just my opinion but I think spillways react in different ways. One thing I can say is that if you are going to fish anywhere while the water is flowing you need to find current breaks. I think most of the fish I get into whenever there is a stronger current comes from the actual break. At Alum I think it is very hard to find those areas. I can think of 2, but neither are very large and I don't think will hold a lot of fish.
    Personally, I like fishing it with no to little current. Then I think I get the best feel and the most action on what I use.
  5. I have found I do alot better at Alum with stick bait rather than jigs.
  6. plus with stickbaits you will nail a musky now and then
  7. I would rather use them at night at a spillway. I like to either use a jig or just minnow during the day. But it has to be pretty calm to do that.
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    I have fished Alum below the dam a LOT and I have only caught 1 saugeye on a jig. I definately don't have it figured out. I think some guys fish it at night especially in the fall. I dunno. It's tough fishing most of the time during the day for me anyway.

  9. yea i walked down it a little ways to find a spot where it bends or to see if their were any obvious current breaks. the part i saw was all straight. i had a couple of rouges but choose to use a jig just to feel around and find any shallow/deep spots and snags. thanks for all the input ill probably fish it again sometime b4 dark