Alum Spillway

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  1. I hit the Alum creek spillway on saturday and Sunday afternoon this weekend. It was not very good and I am a little confused why. The water was clear of ice the first couple hundred yards from the dam which was fine for fishing. There were a few others out there fishing too and i saw no one get so much as a bite. I know the water level is low, but it is very odd to me that no one can even ge a bite, it was like there were no fish in there at all. Any ideas what the deal is? Looks to me like I will need to wait for a lot more water to be released and hope it puts some fish in the water
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    warm fronts often turn the saugeye off. Also, Sunday was very sunny and that doesn't help either for saugeye. I was thinking of going out Sunday and decided against it because of the sun. Spillways are usually only good after they let out a bunch of water. Keep your eye on that this week. I see O'shay is pumping out a bunch today and might be good fishin tomorrow.

  3. The water is very shallow from the start of the dam down stream a couple hundred yards. It gets deeper the farther down you go. Try minnows on the bottom in the deeper section or closer to the bridge. The more water that comes out the better. Maybe you could try the wall in the real deep section of the spillway. There are fish there even a few muskies but it can be hit/miss. Hope this helps.

    Tony V.
  4. Wow, I guess it didn't take long for that ice to clear out of there. My wife and I went for a stroll along the top of the dam saturday morning around 11 ish. The tailrace was locked in ice from about 10' below the outflow pipe all the way to the bridge.
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    I went down there Sunday morning and it was clearing out, but, only about 300' and most of that is very shallow and the sun was shining brightly. That was the only open water on the entire lake. I felt a little silly for being out there, but, it was good to get out silly or not. Oh, and not a bite.:S