Alum Shoreline Saugeyes at dark!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishslim, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Was able to sneak out for couple hours while daughter and wife were working at hospital. Right after dark on rocky shore on east side of lake hit 2. Both on husky jerks. Only had 3 hits got 2. When i got home measured largest at 22". Hard to leave with that bright full moon glowing was great to be out on such a nice crisp night. Here is a pic of tonights plus couple i got couple weeks ago best one this fall/winter from another central Ohio lake was 26 1/2" short of 7 pounds.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. misfit

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    keep the reports coming,troy.glad to hear guys catching a few fish.been wanting to get out,but just haven't made it yet.but when temps get below the 40's i'm screwed:(
    this is my favorite time of year for beating the shore,but my freaking lungs can't take the cold air anymore:mad:
    it does make things easier when i can breathe;)
    went out today for family stuff and couldn't stand the walk from the truck to the house:rolleyes:

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    Nice fish!! WIsh I could've gotten out but Santa needed my help last night.
    That's fine though I'm on vacation the rest of the week and planning on getting after them. Way to go Slim!!
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    Surprised I didn't see ya out there! Tried in a similar area and got no hits. Went to the roller dam at otterbein and had something nice on!
  5. drove down to Dam at Alum about 7:30 was couple guys talking in lot was that you? whoever it was they looked like they had been fishing. Love those roller dams.:)