Alum, September 27

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    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    Decided to drag amy hungover butt to Alum at 5 am. Had everything loaded up and on the water when the sun came up. Had to wait a little as I was fishing from the canoe. A LOT of activity in the shallow water (big fish). I rarely target saugeye cuz I'm really bad at it for some reason but I trolled some cranks for about an hour. Guess what...I still suck at it, missed 2 and one was quite large. He jumped out of the water and spit the lure right back at me. Ahhhh depressing.

    So I switched over to crappie fishing and made myself feel better. Found some wood in about 10 fow and pulled out a bunch of nice crappie 11-12 inches. Almost no dinks. Had to get home for the game so I paddled about 1/2 mile into the wind and waves to get back to the car, but it was worth it. Think I may start fishing the early morning more often.
  2. We hit Alum yesterday didn't find any eyes but found around 30-40 crappies in about 10' of water. Drited minnows while we casted for eyes.