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  1. Hey guys long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to give all of ya a recent report. I've been hitting up Alum lately and have been doing very well. Past couple of days it has been gangbusters! Most of the fish have been in the 16" to 20" range.I have been concentrating on wind swept points that are adjacent to tapering flats. Fish have been stacking up and staging on the flats then moving out to the deeper water on the points. All of my fish have been taken with live bait rigs fished tight to the bottom. The lake has a stain to it but nothing that isn't unusual for Alum this time of year. Most fish haven't been slamming it.....shy bites for the most part. Just pulling a rig along then you just feel the rod slowly start to "load up". Been wanting to experiment with some other presentations but just can't put the rig down to try something else. Been having way to much fun snapping them. On a plus note the traffic on it has been minimal so far and I haven't had to deal with the "crowding" issues thank god! I've had all my spots to myself, but fishing it on the weekdays does help as I stay off the lake on the weekends. To many yahoos then.
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    Very good first post sir. We need more informative (without giving out 'honey holes') posters like you. Great job on the eyes!

  3. "Live Bait Rigs"? Are you casting worm harnesses or jig's tipped with minnow's? Or, just dragging a minnow on the bottom? I've tried several times in the past couple weeks and can't figure out the program they like. Haven't picked up a single one.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. I agree great post good info. Heard from another buddy same report i wanted to get out but got late start and storms run me off. He has been pulling worms and leaches as well as jigs in deeper edges of points. I did well other night off shore casting jigs with twisters and throwing a vibe. Hope to get out been trying to get Crappiecommander on some saugeyes but we keep getting stormed out :(
  5. Pulling harnesses on bouncers, slow running with momentary sweeps of the rod. Seems most of my bites have been when the speed variates. Also been using "Roach/Lindy" rigs with leaches or a crawler on a single hook. Been playing with Phelps floater jigs and a walking sinker as well. Just waiting for the fish to tell me what they want, and TRYING (some days I wonder if the fish actually have the capacity in their brains to reason....LOL....) to form a game plan from there. Some days have been good right out of the gate other days it has been run from this point, to this point, and so on. On a side note I had a couple of muskies follow my rig all the way back to the boat twice. Kinda spooked me because that's the last thing you expect to see when reeling in.
  6. you guya are just lucky to have a boat. the spillway stinks and i wish i knew a good shore spot for saugeye