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Alum Saugeye trip

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CarpFreak5328, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Went to Alum yesterday and got notting. Got to the spillway around 8am and fished for about 2 1/2 hours and didnt even get a bite. Tried two different sizes of twister tails a 2 and 3 inch and two different colors pink and charturse both tiped with a bass minnow. So we decided to go to Delware and crappie fish, mangaged a few.
  2. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    Tough trip, that is the problem with saugeye, either they are on or they are not. When I was there last week, I was getting hits left and right and my buddy standing right next to me was getting anything. We where even using the same baits for the most part.

    Last week I was using about 2.5 inch charturse twister tail, the only thing that was different between us was the way I retrieved. I would cast it out and let it tumble on the bottom until it stopped, then I would lift the tip and slowly crank it 3-5 turns and then let it tumble in the current again. I was getting most of the hits right after I stopped cranking and it drifted to the bottom. Time of day may of been big too, we where there from 9:30 to 11PM . we spent from 7:30 to about 9 on the dam and didn't get a thing before we moved to the spillway.

  3. They are tricky at times I should of tried that retrive. I was as as close to the damn as possible and over about 30 feet to the left there was something in the water that just cut my line like nothing!!! Twice. Does any one know whats down there? Is it metal or sharp rock.
  4. DAVEM


    I had the same problem down there and switched to fireline. I think its just sharp rocks. Close to the dam there are square rocks. If you cast over those forget it. Has anyone had any consistent luck below the spillway yet? I have had better luck in the lake except yesterday with Sowbelly. Four foot rollers! Hang on! We did manage to catch some nice sticks though.
  5. Went out for awhile today. Had a monster muskie.. that I could not control. Ended up losing that one, caught another around 25 inches. Managed 2 Saugeye, 14 and 12 inches.. - Difficult, windy day.
    hope it gets a little better!
  6. How's that Targa treatin' you? I'm going to try to get over to Alum the first couple of weeks of Nov.

    Tim "Toolman" Joseph
  7. Extremely well, has been a wonderful purchase. My steering gets pretty tight when it gets colder.. have to figure out what is causing that. let me know when you are going out on Alum. I will try to meet you there.
  8. Ying 6,

    I have a 18' 2000 Targa. Do you experience water in your bilge when running your livewell on "auto"? If so, find the problem? Overall, pretty satisfied with the rig. Added a 125 merc. If I had to do over again, would have gotten a minnkota autopilot and better FF. Have already upgraded flasher both dash and bow. Radio/cassette quit working but I don't really care. Any more feedback on your rig?
  9. Yes, the first time I ran it I found out real quick that all of my lines leak. I have been working on that, but I think it is something that is going to happen no matter what I do. I have a 150 merc efi. my steering is what I have had the most problem with. I am not sure where to look, what to grease or what what to adjust.
    What I found with the bilge is that there is an overflow that tends to leak. Check that line, and when you aren't running, fill the well totally up and let it drain through the overflow. - then you will be able to see where it is leaking.
  10. Ying,

    Will probably be up on Alum this Sunday south of Cheshire chasing eyes and possibly muskies. If you're up there swing by. Will be fishing with my partner. If it's raining we'll both be in Frogg Toggs, mine blue, partner's "dirty snowman" (Sorry Dave).