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Alum saugeye... I mean muskie

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by DAVEM, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. DAVEM


    Well I just couldn't stay away. I figured with this front moving in the fishing would be good. Caught 7 saugeyes,3 went home. Biggest was 18 in. First fish hit like a train. I thought I finally had a trophy saugeye when a 30 in. muskie comes rolling to the top of the water. What a rush. For those of you that fish for muskie there is no better smell on your hands than muskie. Had the bait sideways in his mouth. Safely released to grow up to be a trophy.
  2. they smell just like shad

  3. Did you catch any more Saugeye after you caught the muskie? - If you did was it on the same lure?
  4. I have been working on Alum quite a bit lately with mixed results. The best fish have been coming off steep breaks. The night bite has been hit or miss, like Dale said. My feeling is that we're still a few degrees away from primetime. Bring on those cold nights!

    Hey Net, I hope you made it in ok last night. I'll bet it was an interesting ride!
    Take care,
    Christian Barnett
  5. DAVEM


    Yes I did catch saugeyes after the muskie ying6. The muskie was the first fish of the night. All caught on the old standby. Silver and black husky jerk. Hey did anyone hear about the 14.04 lb saugeye caught at Antrim?
  6. Yeah, it got a little dicey to say the least. A wall of wind hit at about 7:30pm (Sat) and Alum went from zero to 3 footers in about 60 seconds. Made it in safely though. As mentioned, the night bite is still hit or miss. Nice to see you again.
  7. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    i know you were waiting on the "nite bite" at galena,, thought they busted them guys a few weeks ago :D ...

    wednesday looks windy, 25mph you still want to go if the wife hasnt had that baby yet? i think krista is going to beat me silly just for fishing with you when karen is that close to having the baby..hehe