Alum Saugeye 11/2

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  1. Me, fishslim and ying6 hit alum sunday at 4pm from ying's boat. Threw everything we had but it was like trying to raise the dead...just a few small white bass. Finally when the sun reached the treetops we found a spot with a modest amount of bait and one small pod of saugeye. Beat the snot out of that spot with ying6 coming away the clear winner. Two saugeye 14" and 23", 16 fow. Tried pulling cranks after dark to no avail. The lake was flat calm from the time we arrived untill we left.

    Ying6 with his 23"er caught vertical jigging a vibe-e.
  2. SwollenGoat

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    Very nice fish Mike!

    Terry, what kind of temps were you marking?

  3. Sorry, I remember mike telling me the temp...but now I'm having an old geezer moment :eek: .
  4. Nice picture... beautiful background.
    Water temp was 56.

    Where is the picture of the fish being netted?
  5. Clayton

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    Yeah, the fish were realllly stubborn on Alum on sunday :(
  6. hahaha okay smartazz, I'll post the unedited version when I get home tonite...along with troy's superb net job. :)
  7. This is the first time that I've ever heard that fishslim didn't catch the most fish, and the biggest. What's up with that Troy?? LOL!!
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    Very nice fish Ying! Well done.
  9. EE


    nice job boys, perfect evening to be on the water. Good fish Ying, sorry I missed your calls..... I'd have hopped on board for sure. Good news is, my new phone arrived today, won't miss too many more calls (and I'm going to try this texting thing for a few weeks....yikes!).
    here's our fish from Saturday (yours was on the left, in case you forgot :p )
  10. Fishingdog i am having a bad fall ;) Ying owns Alum so far this fall!! I am his net man. Did get 3 17" saugeyes tonight while crappie fishing on a point. 53 SLABS to the cooler. Nice crappies fat and sassy with both blacks and whites hitting. Water was 54-57 in area i was fishing.
  11. EE,
    Those fish look healthy! - By the way, if you want to get technical... Big fish was caught on my lure (clown #12 Husky 5ft of water), on your rod in your boat. (I saw the bite, you reeled it in). Smaller fish was on my rod, and your lure(deep diving husky #12 Blue Chrome 8ft), in your boat... (I reeled it in).. not sure who gets that credit.
    Heading out Wednesday and Thursday... let me know if you guys want to meet up!
  12. Good job erik. I always like that camera gets me hungry for those nice thick fillets.

    Is that some sort of parasite hanging off the right side of that beauty? :rolleyes:
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    ! hah!! The water was 47 when I was there on sunday morning. Maybe I better get my fish finder looked at...
  14. I'm going out wedneday anyone have suggestions on what area of the lake to fish. I'm powered by trolling motor only, so I need to set in reasonably close to where I am fishing. All of my previous spots are now shore. I can set in anywhere, though. I used to put the boat in my car and carry it to the water. I usually set in at cheshire, but with the lake where it is I don't know where the fish are. Ying if you see 2 guys in a bass raider, that is chef and I so stop and say hi
  15. Launch at Cheshire and go up to crisco bay where all the humps are out of water. When you first turn into cove fish the deeper water off shore line there is 8-11 foot of water and shoreline guys were there other night when i was out and could not fish it. The fish were there they were catching them on minnows bobber and casting jigs as well. the best part is as you go in shore line bends back north before going back into main part of cove nice drop off area there sat there many fall days and never moved.
  16. that's where I always end up, and have had good luck on a mix of fish