Alum Saturday?

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  1. I finally have a free weekend so my buddy and I are heading to Alum to check out everything that is exposed.;) Have been reading how low it has gotten. That being said I have never been to Alum when the water is really low, does anyone have any info for places to be careful off. Really shallow spots or obstructions to watch for? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. I went yesterday and turn around and went to oshay...the lake is way below
    the fall pool...the ramp at new galena is down close to 10 feet bellow and no docks...launching can be dificult specially if you going by your self...on the west side of the lake you need to watch out were you going beacuse is pretty shalow about 200 feet from the bank....just be carefull you don't want
    to damage your lower unit after the season is almost gone..good luck!!!!!

  3. Hmm odd no post on the bite below the damnif they have been letting out that much water. Doesnt the fishing down there usually heat up when they do that?
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    Stay in the middle while running and go slow toward the banks and especially the points in lower end. Middle pool is not as bad.
  5. The water is not going downstream, they are pumping 60 million gals. a day to Hoover so the folks in franklin co. can drink and shower.
  6. and aren't you glad we do!?!!
  7. For those of you with a GPS, now's a good time to mark the main lake points. When the lake is at normal pool it's hard to tell where many of the points begin and in which direction they travel.
  8. As Marshall Said, Many Of The Points On The Lower End Extend Out Under Water A Hundred Yards Or More, Some Go Straight Out Into The Lake, While Some Are Not So Straight, But Still Are Shallower Furtherer Than U Would Realize. Just Pay Attention To Your Electronics.
  9. A possible interesting piece of information for Alum below the dam. Unless the water comes over the dam you will not see as many fish coming through the pipe anymore, there are 2 guys I see all the time in the fall and winter that call those fish river fish.. for that reason. They told me that you are fishing for fish in the river that are trying to get to the front of the current unlike in years past (couple now) when we would fish the saugeye out that came through the pipe. Needless to say they don't fish down there anymore.
  10. Why?......
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    I think they modified the pipes so as to not allow as many (if any) fish through them.

    not sure if this is the case though. IMHO there are much better tailwater areas within 30-45 minutes of Columbus than Alum Creek.
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    If it keeps going down everyone will know where all the foundations and humps are , last time it was 15 feet down was 1999
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    anyone have any pics of this low water level?? i would LOVE to see them pleeease.. :)
  14. Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully the GPS will get a workout and I plan on taking the camcorder.:D Might even take a few digital pics for crappielooker.
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    Flew in from St. Louis on Thursday morning and we came in over Delaware then Alum and Hoover. Delaware looked normal but Alum and Hoover you could see humps and roadbeds clearly. I was amazed at how the shorelines look from the air with the water so low. I'd recommend hiring a private pilot to take you up for a view and some pictures if you fish tournaments. We were still up fairly high and I was amazed by the detail I could see.
  16. Luckily my 19 year old cousin has a pilots license and a small plane and lives not too far :)