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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by EE, Jun 16, 2007.

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    hit Alum on Wednesday for the first time in months.....good to be back out chasing saugeye a little bit. Picked up 3 during a pretty steady bite on jig & twister tails (chartreuse and orange both caught fish).....missed a few strong pullbacks......6-8 feet deep....dropped to the bottom then a slow, steady retreive just off the bottom......called it an early night when a thunderstorm rolled in.

    My six year old caught his first saugeye, he was jigging off the side of the boat with a twister tail (in reality, he wasn't really jigging....... he was smacking the water with the tip of his pole, looking like he would drop it in the water at any moment) and his pole doubled over....wound up with the big fish of the afternoon. Was awesome.

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    he looks like he's really upset about catching that pesky eye:D
    isn't it funny how we can cast our arms off,trying everything in the book to catch a fish,when all it takes is to just being a kid having a "entertaining" himself:D

  3. Looks like he couldnt be happier:D Congratulations on a obviously successful trip.
  4. Great job Erik Did you guys start smacking your rods on the water?:D My older buddy that goes out always falls asleep with pole in the water last year his snoring got him a 8 pounder bigest fish of year out of Alum. Never fails!!:eek: By the way really nice boat you got. Perfect for all lakes and Erie!