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Alum report 11/13/04

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Erie Addict, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Fished alum with Ying 6 yesterday. found a school of crappies on a break around 15-20'. Caught around 50, around 3 smallies and a lone saugeye stragler. heading back out this afternoon. Ran into Flatts in the parking lot. Haven't seen or heard from him in while. He said all is good.
    They are getting ready to pull the courtesy dock at the New Galena ramp. I am not quite sure what they are doing at the Cheshire ramp. Had a big crane in there last week moving around rocks. They got a new load of rock in Friday and dumped it right where the new courtesy ramp will go, strange?
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Good deal EA...I'm headed out there this morning with the father in law...I'll have the radio on 79 if you're up to givin me a shout!

  3. Thanks. I'd sure like to see some cloudy skies for a change. This high barometer is only good for panfish & honey doo's. What's the water temp now?
  4. I think the water temp was around 55. But I didn't witness it, only got it second hand from the captain. I am surprised you didn't mention the size of that saugeye. You don't get those around here too often. I mean, it was almost one for the record books!!
    Terry, I lost my favorite lure while casting yesterday into shore. - At that point we decided we had enough fun.
  5. Terry, Water temp is around 50. Strangest thing, Down in the main pool there are areas where I am marking a thermocline down around 17'.
    Went out from 2:00- 8:00 sunday. caught 4 saugeye and several nice crappie. Got to see the craziness at the ramp because of the plane wreck. That guy that crashed was flying pretty low over the lake, which you occaisionally see. Didn't think anything about it untill I got back to the ramp and saw all the rescue equipment
  6. I stand corrected. 50. I have been trying to figure out exactly where the plane ended up. Drove along 36/37 today and I am pretty sure I know the power lines it hit. Looked like it was possibly missing the top line. - Could be wrong.
    What a great piece of structure that would be if it wasn't recovered. -