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Alum or Hoover?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Choppywaters, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Whats up OGF? I am a newbie here from the walleye waters of Huron, Ohio, and was wondering if anyone is looking for a fishing buddy around the Columbus area? I lost my last fishing buddy to an illness, we used to get to Alum & Hoover as much as possible, things change...Anyhow, drop me a line and we'll see what happens..
  2. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Welcome Choppywaters!! Enjoy your time on this outstanding site!!

  3. not sure when the last time you fished alum, but things sure have changed over the past few years. at least with myself and guys i hang out with or run into. there might very well be a honey hole out there that i am not aware of that has kept on pumping out the hogs through these past crappy years. i am not a fishing know it all nor am i captain alum, but the areas that have paid off pretty well over years past just have not been the same.
  4. wheres the hotspot for hawgs in columbus at then fellas? i hear about people pulling some nice saugeyes out of the stream at both Alum & Hoover, but i agree, its either dieing off, or already dead....
  5. Welcome Choppy!

    Recently the hotspot around here is Antrim Lake :p There's still good fishing at both of the lakes you mentioned. Indian Lake is a good one, as can be Pleasant Hill Res. Buckeye Lake has been a good place to hit from the shore at this time of year in the past (I've never caught any large 'eyes there, but often catch something). Apparently not much is going on there, or it's real quiet. Stick around-this is a great site.

    Tim "Toolman" Joseph

    BTW-cobras you are very humble ;) pshaw "not the king of Alum"-are you kidding!? :D
  6. toolman is right. there still is good fishing at alum. it shines now and again. i am just crying like a little girl because i was spoiled for a while over there. i might just have to take a week solid off and calm down.
  7. cobras,

    Stay after them. Tommorrow night might be a good one! I'd bet there's 'bigger ones' still swimming in there (Alum). If Erie wasn't still calling my name, I'd be there.

    How's the water levels at Alum? Up enough to still launch a 20' glass boat? Might try it Saturday late or Sunday night.

  8. water has come up quite a bit since oct. and nov. as far as boat launching i don't know but there has been a few different boats that i have seen during this month.
  9. Thanks. Got the Alum itch now! :p

  10. Went over to Alum yesterday for most of the afternoon. Fished below the dam and above. Had a couple on, but nothing landed. Watched a couple guys in a boat drift out infront of the dam and catch a nice saugeye, from what I could see I would extimate it being 24 inches.
    Started working a minnow in a very unpractical spot and caught 20 or so crappie and had a very nice largemouth on (19 inches or so).
    The snow last night and the bitter cold today will make those rocks very slippery. If you venture out there take care. It will probably be pretty nasty.
  11. bones

    bones blah-blah-blah

    across form howard rd boat launch has always been good in spring but i have never fish it this time of year maybe on friday