Alum open?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShakeDown, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. ShakeDown

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    Looking to get the boat in the water one last time before we head down to TN in 2 weeks. Anyone check out Alum lately? Was thinking of heading there tomorrow if the ramps/lake is ice free.

  2. bones

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    was there yesterday alum still has alot of ice. good luck

  3. ShakeDown

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    Thanks for the heads up. Figured that was the case :(
  4. Just got back from some exploring/ice fishing with the dog. about the only option you have is to put in at New galena and fish the main lake. Duck hunters are out and blasting like mad. they have a path through the ice to the main lake. Caught several nice crappies and saugeyes and a bunch of small crappies and bluegill in the last few days on the ice. will need a ladder to get out to safe ice today.
  5. DAVEM


    Shakedown, I fished the dam Sat morning and the lake was almost to full pool by the water line on the rocks. The water was stained a black color. No fish at all. I did see a musky floating in the water. I thought of hooking it just to feel a fish on the end of my line. Better days are ahead. Good luck.
  6. The wife and I went looking at a house north of Alum on Sunday and headed back through the lake ( I couldn't resist, even with her "oh brother look" on her face). The ramps at Galena are wide open and the water has to be within a foot or so of summer full pool. I was shocked to say the least. With all the rain we're supposed to get ( I can hear the rain as I write this) I imagine southern Ohio is going to get a lot of runoff. Saw one truck and trailer at the Galena, a Lund. But did not see them on the lake anywhere.

    Dave was that muskie above or below the dam? I saw one below the dam last week that was 36 or so inches. It didn't look well either.

  7. sowbelly101

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    looks like the lake is at summer pool levels now and rising, 888.45 according to the engineers site. lake has come up 1.1 feet in the last 24 hrs and its still raining..looks like its time to get the boat out if the baby dont show up in the next few days...

  8. moke11


    Emily and I fished a little last night at the boat ramps and spillway; but, no takers. Water level did appear to be near summer pool, but they were not letting water out last night.
  9. Fished above the dam on Sun. night. Skunked. The water was clearer than I expected. The spillway was still too low to fish. I figured they would be letting water out.
  10. That they'll ahve to be real careful how much water they let out considering how much rain has fallen and the snow thawed away. I think we're expecting more rain this week too. Should make for a real mess!

  11. Lake level is now at 889.28 and rising. Outflow only 12 cfs. Guess that's why they call 'em flood control reservoirs. Real muddy in the north end. Not sure what the south end looks like.