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  1. I will be fishing Alum (Sunday) for the first time ever, going for Muskie. I was hoping for some pointers regarding the lake. I don’t want anyone’s specific spots but a general area or end of lake the lake where I should start and maybe a little insight on what types of lures work out there. I will be fishing Sunday morning to about mid afternoon. Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

  2. guy from work last weekend went to Alum trying to catch crappies in the deep. Caught two 'ski's in the day on bottom minnows. He said they were both small and uner 20 inches. Also heard that deep diver crank baits, and husky jerks 12's do really good.

    check out this thread, and maybe PM the thread starter. He seems to always be slaying the HOGS at Alum:

  3. Smithwick rogues or Rapala Husky Jerks, I hear work real well
  4. just go bass fishin......i always catch muskies that
  5. no too...just throw cranks, spinners, and topwater spooks or buzzbaits! around the points of coves
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    The crazy weather has slowed things a bit, but if the weather is stable on Sunday you could get into a good bite. Trolling deep diving cranks will be your best bet. A lot of guys focus on the dam area and out in front of the beach. Also, a lot of good points on the west side from the beach up past the marina.

    Good luck!

  7. Thanks Guys.... If you all have any more info i'll take it. I know im going to alum blind so any little bit will help. I'm still looking for my first Muskie. Caesers creek has not been good to me down here by Dayton. Its time try somewhere else to shake the skunk.
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    stay near the south end of the lake and troll deep diving crankbaits. Shad style lures work best. Keep your boat in 15' of water and deeper and try to let out enough line to get your lures down 10-12'.
  9. esoxhunter knows his stuff. I have been having luck on Gold and Red & black Monster shads. Try the area just north of the boat ramp on the East side of the lake, about 50 yards out from shore. Please remember, Muskies die very quickly when out of the water. Get em off the hook as soon as you can, a measuring board saves time for your measurement, One quick picture, and back in the water. A boga grip is a very handy tool that I recommend, as well as must-have pliers. If they go belly up after releasing, have one man hold them under the water, right side up with the boga and the other man troll slowly. This is the equivalent of mouth-to-mouth for a Muskie.It make take 10 or fifteen minutes, but it's well worth the effort. Practice catch and release and help save these majestic creatures to thrill someone else as they will thrill you.
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    beautifully spoken Louie
  11. thanks for all the tips.... i have all of the equipment that you suggested and i am a firm believer in catch and release.... I went out yesterday and no luck, i'm sure fishing post frontal had a lot to do with that. I marked alot fish of suspended fish off the dam but had no luck getting a hook up. i cant wait to get out to Alum and give it a shot again.