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Alum Muskie

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Boomer, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Fished Alum yesterday with a buddy. Did not catch much, but comming in we saw a couple of guys pull a huge Muskie out of the water. We stopped but they had there hands full. It was the biggest fish I have ever seen come out of that lake, in person. I hope they post measurements and a picture. I am curious to know what the length and weight was.


    P.S. We were the guys in the Tracker that stopped.
  2. That was me and my buddy. We just fish for muskie, and we got lucky that night. That was not the only one we got that night. Sorry I did not say anything to you but we wanted to get the fish back in fast due to the warm water temps.

  3. la2ohio

    la2ohio L.A.2Ohio

    If you don't mind me asking...what do you guys use at Alum Creek for the muskie and what are you doing to catch them...trolling, sitting??? I am not familiar with the lake however, would like to hook into some muskie since I am from Los Angeles originally and never have seen one up close until I moved here. I have fished it a few times and have seen what looked like big smallmouth or maybe muskie busting the water around the rockwall banks near cheshire ramp...the west rock point under Cheshire Rd (no wake zone) is where I was last weekend and in the early a.m. there were a bunch of small saugeye hitting my lures and then the explosions starting going off. I figured these were either big saugeye or if you can and teach me how to catch an Alum Muskie before the snow gets here. Oh and if it matters I am fishing from a boat.

    Thanks in advance,
  4. Hey Wetnet... Did you get the length and weight of the fish? I am curious as to how big these fish are getting now.
  5. la2ohio:
    Its easier to show you than to tell you in this post. Come to our club meeting Tuesday, 8/10 at Marina Boat Ramp (off Hollenback Rd) on Alum Creek about 6:30-7:00 pm. After the meeting the members try to pair up with visitors to try and teach correct techniques while fishing together.
    I would love to just tell you lures, location, depth and boat speed. But the other side of me says that in todays water temps, a beginner with a musky on the line without the right tools = a dead musky. Please do not take me wrong, just show up at the meeting. Its definitely worthwhile.
    With the water this warm, I try to minimize time in the boat. No measurement because it was small, but a guess puts it at high 30's. Not real big! Got a quick picture, but not digital.
    As far as size of Alum muskies these days, back in 2001 I got one 50.5" from Alum, with scale samples submitted. It was released. Qualified as King Award, Ohio Huskie Muskie Club. One of the largest in Ohio that year. Last week I had one up to the boat that I think was bigger, definitely older. Shows how successful a program can be if people practice catch and release with these fish!
  6. Fished Alum last week when the other moon was in its phase til about 1am..Caught one and lost one by the dam..

    My fishn partner cannot make this next meeting this time. I plan on fishing before and after the meeting..Anyone interested in spending a day on Alum email me at muskie403@yahoo..
  7. la2ohio

    la2ohio L.A.2Ohio

    Hey Wetnet,

    Thanks for the invite to this Tuesdays meeting, but this past Friday eve. I got word from my family in L.A. that my father has been found to have Metastatic brain other words not very good. I am flying out with my two year old daughter so she can spend time with grandPops...and I need to be with him right now to make sure everything goes well. I guess I know too much since I work in Neurology and deal with people's brains all the time. At this point, if I find free time Tuesday eve. I will pop by and try and forget all that I know...took my daughter and wife out on Saturday eve to forget about things and it was great, she caught two bluegill and saw one muskie boil. The fascinating thing is that she casted her mickey mouse rod on her own and set the hook on the fish and then reeled it in all on her own. She is amazing, and not even 2 1/2 yrs yet. Anyhow, I may or may not come out, we'll play it by ear.


    P.S. If I do come out, what do you allow(recommend) visitors to bring for equipment. Cause I have some muskie gear, just don't want to overstaff myself...should I bring the boat or leave it at home?
  8. La2ohio:
    Very sorry to hear about your father. Hope things go well. Come out on Tuesday, it might do some good to get away. You do not need to bring anything, except maybe a raincoat if needed. Members will take people out, and they usually have all the gear needed. If you have gear and also a boat, bring it. You can talk to other fishermen and get the latest info on where there being caught. Then go out on the water with the other members.
    See ya,