Alum Muskie Ate my White Bass!!

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  1. Had a little time before dark so ran over got boat and headed to Alum. Was checking out the crappies and then some Saugeyes,when i hook a nice fat White bass in about 5 foot of water. I was letting fish play and wear itself out when a torpedo launched thru the water making a large wake and slamed my fish!! I let the bail open and let line out awhile then checked drag ;) before reeling up line and wow was that fun that lug would not let go of the fish and thrashed about by the boat finally letting go of fish only to turn around and bang it one more time before leaving the premises! Poor white bass was ripped up bad. Got a picture of it for you to see it was a 40"+ Muskie with a additude. Fishing was okay got 11 dink saugeyes nothing bigger then 14" some white bass,crappies,snagged onto a huge carp as well. The carp are everywhere spawning couple coves you could walk on them there were so many. :) Alum is still way off pace for time of year and temps are not coming up. [​IMG]
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    That is too cool! I had that happen once at Alum Myself when the crappie were super shallow, but mr tooth ate my fish and broke the hook.

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    Man that musta been a thrill! Where was your net man:p
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    Hahaha! I bet that was exciting man! That is what makes fishin' great!
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    fishslim, i've been told by a few fellows that the saugeye action started a little more than a week before memorial day. They said tickets were coming in about 2 hrs with decent size to the numbers. One of them caught the state record saugeye out of alum a few years before the antrim lake freak saugeye was caught. In his opinion the saugeye fishing hasn't been this good since the year he caught his big one.
  6. Slim..
    Meeting was slow last night and I can confirm the fishing has been slow as well. If he is catching fish he is doing the complete opposite of what we are doing.

    Here is my report on what is not happening.
    1. Warm harness in 10-14ft of water (2-10ft for that matter)
    2. road runners in 4-8ft, jigs same depth
    (now the crappie are on fire)
    I did find dinks on drops, and on shallow points.
    I have not caught a saugeye to talk about all year. What is amazing is EE and I have been saying that we have nothing to report.. nothing worth sharing, as we are blanking out almost everytime out.
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    What a thrill! That had to be exciting to see. You have got to stop getting me all pumped up to go musky fishing. The sickness is bad enough and then you post a pic of a nice white bass ripped to shreads by a big ole knarly musky. Oh man, I can't wait to get out there. I got a couple days next week that I can hit the water. Very cool pic FS. Glad you got into some fish.

  8. At first I thought maybe ying6 forgot to pack his lunch again.

    Nice pic btw! Almost like having the gps coordinates. :p :)
  9. I am surprised fishslim didn't go in and wrestle the fish into submission:) I know Misfit would have,lol
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    "Nice pic btw! Almost like having the gps coordinates."

    HA!...took me a second, but I know where the ole' girl's livin' as well! :p

    Thanks, Slim!
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    makes me afraid to stick my hand or foot in the water from the boat.
  12. Net,Wiperswiper had 2 pictures one with one without figured guys would like with better.:p Now the ? is which side East or West?:) Actually will tell you West side at point before shore goes back on deep edge with power lines. Have hooked 2-3 nice muskies there. I was chasing fish so ended up in middle of bay. Puterdude if i had rope ready i would have lassoed her and wore her down she was a bruiser!! ;)
  13. I knew there had to be some reason you didn't slim:p
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    Dang Troy...leave those poor muskies alone!!