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  1. O.K. I have been waiting to post this until I could get a picture, but there is a guy on this site who caught a 31 inch saugeye at Alum a couple days ago. He had a picture taken on a polaroid and released it at the Cheshire boat ramp. He has the picture and is suppose to scan it later today barring any technical difficulties. (I have seen the picture and it is poor quality however definitely a big fish)
    It was caught in 2ft of water or less... and on a vibee.
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    Just the title got my heart pounding...

    Can't wait to see it, and congrats to the member who landed her. SWEET!!

  3. misfit

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    i wanna see this one guess would be fishslim caught it,but he wouldn't be using a polaroid:D
    if not now,in a couple more months that pig could be a possible candidate for the new record:B
  4. My God what would a fish like that weigh??? whoever caught it Congratulations and you will be the subject of my envy for a LONG TIME.
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    it's possible it could weigh 15 pounds.a lot depends on egg developement(if female,which is likely)and how heavy it's been feeding.most record size saugeyes are caught from in the colder months of late fall/winter for those reasons.
    the 14 pound state record(november) was almost an inch shorter,so 15 is not out of the question.
    all records that i know of have been caught at those uncle held the record many years ago and it was caught in november cousin caught it's twin from the same spot in november a few years ago.
  6. Almost worth going up to Chesire just to see the pics...and he released the hawg to boot...gotta give him a well done for that one.
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    The 29" saugeye I caught in the spring of 1995 at Alum weight 9lbs on the nose and was a big fat pig.
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    my 9 pounder from hoover in june 05.
    28 inches and not near as fat as it would have been in november(easily 10+).actually not what i'd consider fat,but real solid fish.

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    Sounds like Saugeye run in (to) your family...! :D

    I'd like to see this too.
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    you betcha:D
    but i just ain't joined the family 10 pound club yet:eek:
    but like i said,my fish would have done if i'd caught it a few months later:(
  11. How do saugeye develop eggs in the fall when they are sterile? My guess is that they just get fat for winter, or you are actually dealing with a walleye or sauger. Just my two cents.
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    Because they're strile does not mean that they don't or can't go through the motions. Strile on means that something does not work properly. :D Like eggs or semen not being viable. ;)
  13. I guess I need to do more research. I thought that a sterile fish was actually lacking reproductive organs, which would make them all the same sex. I must be confused. I would like to read more if anyone can point me in the right direction.
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    When us human males get a vasectomy we become sterile but we still have the poppa parts and as Rodney said we can still go through the motions (thank God !).:D Do a search at on sterile saugeye and you will find more reading material. Attached is a decent article. Saugeye are not 100% sterile, but they have a very very low reproduction success rate, hence the stocking programs.
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    Gee Krusty, I almost used that same exact example...! :eek:

    Now back to the situation at hand...! :D Where's the picture of this Hawg...? ;)
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    they are not sterile, they just don't reproduce well. This has been discussed here before in the past.
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  18. Sorry, I'm new and under-informed. It sounds like in the case of a true record fish there is likely egg production taking place. Google is great for us idiots. Thanks for the help.
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    Are you still talking about a fish?:D
  20. this was my 28 incher from hoover in june, just a little over 7.5 lbs..cant wait to see this 31 wow!!!!!!!