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Alum Monday afternoon Saugeyes!!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishslim, May 29, 2007.

  1. Was out with son-in-law got on water about 12:00 not many skiers out yet hit main points And destroyed saugeyes. They were active in about 2-7 foot of water all caught on 1/8th ounce jigs with geen tails. Smallmouth and white bass active as well. We got over 30 saugeyes from 15"-20". Just kept going back and forth acroseed one point for about and hour they were right on edge of drop and blasting jigs hard. Daughter hopped on late afternoon and we went bluegillin for awhile and if you are into bluegills they are hot in the spawn we never moved from one spot for about a hour had well over 50 hand sized ones all on 1/32 ounce jig with green and olive tube. Got done with that and hit a flat about 6:00 and the saugeyes were on it and busy again in about 7-8 foot of water. Ended up with limit of 18 17"-20" eyes and mixed bag of crappies white bass and bluegills with some smallmouth in for good measure as well. Was just a outstanding day on the water not a typical memorial day for boats. Will probably hit them again tomorrow night!! Hey by the way saw Ying6 out on water amazingly his battery went dead in a secluded bay with his wife!!:p Told me trolling motor battery went dead had another with me so let him borrow it so they could get to catching some fish. Good seeing you Mike!!:) Fish are active on about all lakes and are there to get out and catch so if you can take advantage of it before hot weather slows it down!! Good Fishing. Hope to hae couple pictures of fish if we can figure out how to get it off picture phone. :confused:
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    woah!!!sounds like one of "those days":D
    nice report.i thought yesterday and today might be good eye days,but due to circumstances beyond my control,i'm stuck at home till thursday:mad:
    hopefully the hoover eyes will be active then.

  3. Yeah Rick it was one of those days. I think this whole week will be great action. Hoover eyes are just waiting for the Misfit exspress to arrive with them harnesses;) Was out friday evening ad we did same thing they are everywhere from 1 foot under water to the bottom. Bigger ones were actually in the shallow 2-3 foot corners of the point by a nice drop into 10 foot of water. Found one place with a bunch of stumps in 6-8 foot on the side of the point it is holding large schools of eyes right now as well as smallmouth. Hope you make it out Thursday.
  4. so you two might just be the two to ask about some saugeyes!! im about done with the crappies, that was real fun but very redundent haha. i want to get out and troll for some eyes, what kind of water depth and types of rigs are used at hoover or alum, if ya dont mind me asking. i was out today just fooling around hoover and was fishing off some rocks, in anywhere from 12-20 foot of water marking a ton of fish in 6ft in the 12ft water and about 8-10ft in the 20ft of water. i was back and forth through there 10 times not trolling though, but just offering up a variety of baits with not much luck. there was also alot of shad activity all around, which made it even more fustrating. beautiful day to be on the water though!!!!!
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    check your pm's,dan.
  6. that did sound like a great day slim, my and a buddy were gonna go up to delaware for crappies 2morrow, he wants to go im about crappied outlol. but with that kind of report im about to sway him back up to alum. did you get very many smallies on that same green tail jig? is there more action going on up north on alum, we havent fished much above cheshire really, once for crappies by howard road, but all the rest on the south end. Great report thanks guys!!!!
  7. much gratitude, thanks rick! :) hopefully i can come home one day in the next two weeks with some good pics for the forum, only two weeks till i leave for vacation so il gotta get in some more time on the water while that bite is good, figure it will be hellish humid and hot by the time i come back!
  8. Hey Danshady sorry was out. Alum is alive with 3-4" shad in schools on the surface. I have found the fish on points and flats with steep drops into 12-15 foot of water. Yes i have been hitting the smallmouths on the same jig i use for crappie saugeyes but most are shallow 3-7 foot and smallmouth are cruising right under surface hammering shad. I have also been hitting them on Vibees burned and paused under surface as well as roadrunners:) . As far as trolling i do not do it often but would say flat in front of marinia is good has 3-4 humps and long flat area as well as down in front of beach. East shoreline south of cheshire has points all over it and fish allover them good area to fish as well. And i won't state what ricks p.m. probably said but it will apply on alum as well. If you think your to shallow you are probably not;)
  9. thanks slim, i hope my buddy wants to go to alum 2morrow, we have fished that whole side from the dam to cheshire over and over again, some days with good results others not so much. might try it again if the shad are that active right now. i never had much luck with those dang vibees, but i always hung em up in rocks....ah um i mean popped em off the bottom never just burned them shallow. its good to hear great fishing reports and tips from guys locally, alot more encouraging than the lastest tips in bassin magazine(although i read it faithfully :) from the pros haha
  10. While on my way home yesterday I had my rod and a couple different colored jigs. Stopped and fished a flat and ended up with 5 small eyes. I think if I would have stayed longer I would have caught a couple bigger ones. Finished up around 6:30 came home and walked in the door only to remember that I was suppose to drop off the battery at slim's house!!!!
    If you are a wader and know the flats there are fish on them, night bite I bet would be fun.
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  12. Where are the flats at Alum--I am a wader also, but mainly at Hoover...
  13. NewbreedFishing

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    hey shake best of luck tonight.
    sounds like you may be slaloming between the waders on da flats:p