Alum Ice

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  1. jake74

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    Does anyone know the ice conditions at alum? I was by there 3 days ago and there was lots of open water I was just wondering if the coves were fishable. Thanks for any info
  2. Drove by New Galena cove yesterday expecting to see a few diehards on the ice but didn't even see a footprint. No open water from my vantage point on Africa Rd.

  3. Muskarp

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    I was over and around it today working. From the beach to the marina is open on the west side. There is also a large pocket of open water north of the causeway. Sorry for the bad news. I've been watching it all week. She's just too darn deep. New Galena may be safe. It's been froze a long time. Good luck and be careful.
  4. Saw a blue ice shanty in New Galena cove on my way home today. Erieaddict maybe?
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    knowing dave... its probably is him out there.. :D