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Alum Friday Night Smallies

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishslim, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Well told wife friday night after eating it is to hot and to nice to go to sleep. So called up Pic (Matt) who has been stranded at home with new baby told him to get kids to sleep and meet me at Alum. We got out on water about 9:45 fished till 2:00 A.M. Was after saugeyes and right away got one on a flat about 15" thought this is a good sign. Well turned out to be the only one of the night to the boat at least. But on the bright side the Smallmouth and largemouth were hungry. Was throwing rattle traps and vibees cranked fast and you better have had a hold of pole because they would pull it right out of your hand. I got 4 Smallies from 14"-19" and 1 Largemouth about 16" in 10 casts. We got probably 10-12 smallmouths and couple largemouths also some nice white bass as well. They were loving a blue chrome 1/4 ounce vibee hard cranked with a pause every now and then would slam it on pause or as you started cranking again. We had a great time and had one smallie on that got off by boat that would push 4-5 pounds and one large saugeye that did not stay hooked as well. Ready to get out after dark and try spot again. Will let you know when i do!!:) Did not get to beach area all were caught north of Cheshire. Found deep edge with 5-10 foot of water on top of it with baitfish all over and the party was on.
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    Man you gotta get me off the bench and into the boat bro!!!
    Sounds like a great time! I need some of that!:B

  3. a friend of mine went crapping (hmmm catching crappies) on Sat night and he got about a hundred from 10 pm to 3 am plus some bass, he said it was the best fishing ever.

    Maybe this is the way to go this time of year?

  4. Definitely on this recent moon stage.