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  1. Plan to fish alum for the first time ever this weekend

    appreciate any info / advise on lauch site - area(s) to fish - techniques

    Looking for Bass / crappie

    Most appreciative on any advise provided
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    I'm also thinking of going there for 1st time. There is a ramp at Howard Rd. and another at Cheshire on the North/East part (according to the map). Can any one tell us if there are good fishing opportunities that far North on the lake? How is the power boat traffic now that Labor Day has passed?

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    I only fish Alum the ramp at the Howard road area is a good place for cats and a few crappies here and there. The Cheshire ramp is where I would launch. The water is deeper and there is some better flats and dropoffs. You will probaly have better luck picking up some bass and crappie there. The boat traffic has slowed a bit, with the cooler temps you should have no problem fishing where you want.
  4. For Crappie, go north under Howard bridge. There will be an island on your right. go around behind it where trees are in the water. For Bass, keep going north past the island for a couple of hundred yards. stay out fron the shore on your right, it can be very shallow. find the end of the rocky shallow area on right. I think there is a tree in the water there too.
  5. I started fishing around 11. Went to a cove near the ramp and found crappie in 10 fow. They hit extremely slow and on the bottom. I was using a 1/8 oz chartreuse jib and twister tail tipped with a minnow. Probably caught around 8 crappie then they shut down. Went to a few other spots with no luck. Then went to the north end and started catching them in about 10 fow again. Caught some quality fish there, but not a lot number wise. Also caught a 13" saugeye and a big white bass there. Went back to where I started and caught a small smallmouth bass then I came home. All in all, I did end the day with a dozen fish to clean. I liked the lake, but it is 2 hours from home. I will be back again, but won't be a regular due to distance. Thanks to everyone who offered information. It was dead on accurate. I pretty much fished for crappie all day. If I get back this season, then I'll concentrate on saugeye when the water cools down more. Today it was 73 with about 2 ft of visibility most places. The crappie definitely haven't moved up shallow yet.
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    howard road is where i always launch, for one it's usually less busy than chesire and another you don't have to wory about all the power boats since it's all no wake north of 36/37 bridge. there are plenty of quality spots to fish north of 36. if you go north of howard road because it can get shaalow on the right side of the lake the channel follows the left side shore line for the most part. there are plenty of coves with cover and also alot of cover along the shore lines. i will probably be out on saturday, white landau with alexis lynn on the back if you see me stop and chat awhile. i'm guesseing with the colder nights the crappie are going to start movung in shallower.i'd start at the back of the coves and work your way towards the mouth. if thats not productive try the areas around the bridges they always hold fish. i hope this helps. good luck.