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Alum/Delaware Dam Release

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShakeDown, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Delaware outflow as of 10:00 was 4321 cfs (100%). Look out below.:eek:

    It does not appear that Alum has opened up yet.

  2. Has anyone heard the reason why they have decided to start and stop the water flow out of Alum? - I know we can all assume but I was looking for the actual answer. For example an easy assumption would be that the rain and the flooded banks below made them stop. But an answer would be; they have decided to drop the level using intervals. - Just incase anyone needed clarification.
  3. Fish4Fun

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    Went fishing out at alum yesterday before work at noon and after work at midnight the dam was locked down only a trickle coming out but the lake was way up higher than it was before they relased water out the shut and 2 gates on tuesday morning i have pics and will post them. would like to get up to delaware check it out.

    Fishing was unproductive at alum the water under the spillway is way down at normal summer level at midnight last night.
  4. Ying6,
    You are right that we can only assume the situation since we are not the ones running the operation. But here is my take on it based on a little bit that I have found out from a pretty knowledgeable co-worker.

    They had to shut do the outflow for a while to relieve the problems of flooding downstream all the way along the Scioto. As you may recall the Scioto down near the Ohio was having record levels last week so we can only imagine how ugly it would be if they had not tried to slow some of the water's travel to the Ohio. Now that the Scioto has gotten down significantly below the flood stage they can begin a more rapid release of water above Alum and Delaware without risking damage downstream. I am sure that they were holding off for extra time to make sure that Mother Nature did not throw another major monsoon on us. Since this rainfall today is predicted to be only 1" or so they must feel comfortable that they will not get into flooding down south with that rain and the discharged water. The bottom line is that they have a LOT of water to release from Delaware and Alum to open up roads, buildings, etc. They do not want them to get frozen in which will be happening soon. Therefore they will need to let her rip for a while now.
  5. I went down there on Weds and then a buddy (eeek38) went up last night. I haven't spoken to him today but it didn't sound like he was doing very well when I called last night. After fishing weds I am under the impression that the release will not be as productive as it has been in the past. With the cold temps coming in and the high winds today it doesn't look like much fishing will be done anyways.
    - Just a very strange course of events lately.
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    Was at Delaware today. Lots o water coming out below......lots o water still behind. LOL. I have pics. I'll get them up sometime in the future.
  7. They had a short window period of no rain on Wednesday, not only do they have to keep in mind what is happening downstream and across the entire Scioto basin, they must also anticipate how much storage capacity they will have versus additional rain and run off. They upped the outflow late Monday and shut it back down shortly before midnight on Wednesday. As of 2 p.m. today it was at 1.61, pretty low. It seems strange that they would have released water on Tuesday but it seems to me that they would have had to do so to hold as much back as they safely could.
  8. Cool Shawn! I started a thread for people to post some flood pics to it. However, I don't think anyone has done so yet. I plan to if I get out to see any of the sites first hand. I also have a couple of buddies that were going to venture down to Mohawk Dam and over to Brinkhaven. Mohawk Dam is almost 77' above normal pool.:eek: For those familiar with Mohawk Dam those pics would be awesome to see. Apparently the Mohican River is within 4 feet of closing State Route 62. Anyone familiar with that stretch should be shocked with that. I would never have dreamed the water could rise that high.