Alum Creek

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mjgood, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. My wife and I are going to ALum Creek this weekend and want to do some fishing. I prefer crappie and muskie but will try anything once. Would like some specifics on how, what where and when for a successful time. I would greatly appreciate any pointers...
  2. Boat or no boat ??

  3. Mjgood - If you are fishing in a boat I would head up on the other side of the 36/37 bridge to do some crappie fishing. The crappie fishing right now is very good.
  4. We will be in a 16' boat. I can get pretty shallow. North of 36? North of Howard? I thought I would start out north of Howard launch and hit brush piles shallow to start then try deeper. If the crappie bite is slow then I might cast or troll for muskie. We caught one at Salt Fork in November and I am hooked. I would just fish for muskie but with my wife going, I would like to catch some numbers. Will most likely release most if not all.
  5. North of Howard Road looks like coffee with all the rain we had & the lake is just under 3' above summer pool. North of 36/37 is pretty dirty,too. Fished above Cheshire yesterday & the water had good color until you get further back in the coves.
    Crappie scattered a little, but still did OK. They aren't as aggressive as they have been or as large , but still caught quite a few over 10".
    Be careful as there's quite a large amount of wood floating around & enjoy cleaning the cottonwood seeds off your line !!!
    PM me if you need more details.
  6. muskies were on on late thursday evening in the south pool. hit up north of 36/37 for crappies water is stained but they will still bite