Alum Creek

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Perchy101, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Is all the ice off the lake?

    Coves free of ice?

    Anyone been out yet?

    2-3" of rain coming... Should fill her up the rest of the way...

    Trying to get out this weekend for the long pole.

  2. :( We don't need the rain. Alum is 2 feet above SUMMER pool as of yesterday. Water clarity is like chocolate milk above Cheshire Road. The water south of Cheshire is heavily stained and getting murkier by the day. The lake is pretty much free of ice. There was a little ice blown up on the south shore of the cuts. This rain will destroy the water clarity for weeks to come

  3. I stopped at the dam today to let the dog run, lot of water below the dam two gates were open, one fisherman who looked cold and I didn't see a stringer.
  4. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Are you sure weeks?

    I'm sure i'll be on the lake come Saturday.... I'm itch'n to get out with the long pole...
  5. Thick Rick

    Thick Rick Dragon Bronzeback Slayer

    Depends on WHERE you fish. ;)
  6. bruce


    Go south, worm-er. all this high water. I am head en to roanoke Va. Will be back when water drops. It is nice to be retired and able to travel. See you soon:D :D :D
  7. Well we got some rain alright, a cold rain/slush/snow combination. I don't think that's going to help too much :mad:

    I'm hoping this stops and the entire lake isn't coffee in a month.
  8. Hey guys. My nephew is coming up next week on his spring break. He likes to fish. Was thinking of hitting Alumn to shore fish with some shad or chicken liver. You think fishing the bottom for catfish would be our best bet next week?
  9. seethe303

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    I think you could do well, head up north to the headwaters of alum. I need to try this out myself!
  10. You think North of Cheshire?
  11. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    I was thinking up by Howard rd.

    I've never fished there, but from what little I know about spring cattin' and what I have read on here, it would be worth a shot.
  12. RareVos

    RareVos Lost Sailor

    I was paddling around north of Howard last weekend. The coves were nice and clean, the main lake channels were pretty silty. Doing the best I can do without electronics trying to identify some potential feeding spots. Spooked some fish on my way out. If it stays sunny I'll probably go back out this weekend.
  13. I caught a nice catfish under the Howard Rd bridge last year. I think I will take him there. Maybe I will see you out there. This weekend looks bad, but Mon-Weds might work out.