Alum Creek

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  1. what is every one thoughts on the ice on Alum? do you think it will be on by the 24-25? i will be like 5 min away from it that weekend and i think it will be callin me to come fish it. i need to get geared up for it so if i could get some ideas on lures and bait i would appreciate it, and if someone will be out there that weekend it would be great to help so me the ropes on there. thats kinda why i'm puttin it up so early so i can maybe get someone to join me i'll even bring my 2man ice cruiser and heater and bait for us. i have never caught a saugeye and would love to through the ice to if its possible. i have a few jiggin raps couple different sizes and colors, some different spoons already and some small chubby darters on the way from cabela's. and i am gonna spool up some 8lb test fire line on my heavest ice pole. I am very open for suggestions from everyone i know gills and crappie thats about it. Thanks ahead of time. ~Evin~
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    Good Luck Evin

    I've tried alot of different area's of Alum Creek.

    36/37 by the rocks on the South Side... Hooked into something very large and never saw it ... Fished there half dozen times with no other luck.

    Fished Howard RD tree field for crappies and got a few nothing to brag about with numbers or size.

    Fish Galena with no luck at all....

    Fish off of Africa RD and nothing also....

    Fish the Big Run RD Cove with no luck also...

    Tried Jiggin Raps, Vibes, Spoons, Jigs with Waxies, Spikes, and Minnows and just can't seem to find the fish in there for the Winter Bite.

    I know other guys that do very well in the lake, but its hard to come by any information. Just have to be in the right spot at the right time with the right setup...

  3. Your odds of hitting the powerball are better than finding active saugeye thru the ice at Alum. Awesome open water fishery though. Seriously, when we do get good ice the reports are usually a mixed bag of bluegill, crappie, LM/SM bass and the random dink eye.
  4. well if that is the case then i will jus take the gear as i have it set up and not change a thing. i just asked this because all the excelent open water reports, i hope there is someone on here that seems to catch them consistanly through the ice if its even possible. and if i do hook into one i hope its on my 1lb fireline cause that stuff is tough as nails (for 1lb test). so well change it up to helpin me get to a good area for "fish" dont really care what i jus like catchin something.
  5. The cove next to the New Galena ramp is quick to ice up and a good spot for a mixed bag. Although the lake level is so low all the good perimeter structure is exposed. Bring your vexilar.
  6. wish i still had a vex i had to send it back cause of financial/girlfriend problems had it for 2 days way before ice came. look back at this dicussion the last lil bit of it had all the details and a picture of my girlfriend -For those of you thinking about getting a flasher- i might try and borrow my cousins zercom

    P.S.~~> i am seein reports of saugeye from indian, how far from is indian from alum? i would really rather catch a saugeye or two
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    I do not get any eyes out of alum but I can tell you that the crappie fishing is great in certain spots through the ice. I do not have a vex so its really spotty for me but I know of a few good spots to start. Last year I fished beside a guy who had a vex he was kind of showing me the how tos of one but he had caught at least 20 huge crappie and I sitting right beside him caught 2 so vex is the ticket at alum. I would be happy to meet up with you and fish when you want. I will pm you my cell. Jake
  8. what about buckeye lake, deer creek and hoover? are they any good for saugeye? they are all pretty close to c-bus jus weighing my options so far its gonna be alum creek depnding on reports from buckeye haven' relly seen any lately.
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    Buckeye is good for Eyes... I'll be at Fairfield Beach area this weekend fishing...

    I haven't fished Deer Creek before couldn't help you there. Haven't fished Hoover in the winter in a long time either.
  10. hope you'll post a good report from this weekend and i might persuade jake74 to meet me down there
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    What part of Columbus are you going to be in?
  12. i will be right by alum but not untill next weekend
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    Fished alum sunday and it was great. Ice is 8 inches thick and the bite was amazing. We only kept 8 fish but all were 10-12 inch crappie. In all my 8 year old daughter and 7 year old son probably caught 50 or more fish. Lots of dink bluegills and lots of borderline crappie but had a great time. Be safe out there guys. Jake