Alum Creek

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  1. Just wondering if anybody has been doing any good lately. Any reports?
  2. Bass have been slow.@ 8.72 won open today. We had 2 for 3.50 and beat half the field.

  3. Clayton

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    I've got a thread up right now from today. I whupped butt, I could definitely have produced 5 lbs of white bass, but I bet he's talking about LM and SM. Lots of crappie and white bass action, and some saugeyes too. they snubbed everything but vibees
  4. I caught a nice Smallie on Thursday out deeper than I might have expected I wasnt fishing for them. I was out a lot all last week and I caught a decent amoutn of fish on Friday just a mixed bag cant seem to focus on one species right now unless crappie or white bass is your fish of choice. I think things are going to slowly gat better as the next week progresses.
  5. It is good to hear some fish are being caught. I know cold air sometimes deters people from going out as much, but I think this is the best time to head out. Thanks for the reports folks.
  6. I didn't make it up to Alum this weekend because I was fishing the Ohio River but the Crappie have been on at Alum. If we get the rain this weekend that they are saying it should really help cool the water down some and really turn on the fish.
  7. Clayton

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    i love that!! The ramp was SO EASY to get on and off :) It was an excellent day
  8. I'll be heading out tomorrow before sun up. It's supposed to be pretty cold so maybe luck will start changing. I'm glad to hear people starting to catch fish. Clayton, sounds like you had a pretty good day, hopefully mine will be similar. I'm hoping for saugeye and maybe an accidental muskie
  9. Clayton

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    I've had several accidental muskie, but way too many on my ultralight rod with thin mono :( I rolled over a fish that looked like 40"+ the other day on 4 lb test mono with a 1/4oz jig and minnow. AFTER throwing a bucktail for half an hour lol.

    Moral of the story: Next season, every rod I have will have braid on it, even if it's only 8 lb test braid.
  10. :confused: lol ive never even seen 4lb test. id maybe use something like that in a pond full of bluegill and crappies. but at alum you are really taking your chances on loosing a nice fish. there are way too many 4-5 lb lm, sm, and eyes in there that will stretch that right in half, not to mention them other big toothy monsters! i know there are awesome catches that have set records for lb test it was caught on, and it would be a great fight...but im not one that really wants to chance hooking and breaking off a nice fish leaving me with my feelings hurt and the fish with a bait to pack around in its lip for a while.
  11. Clayton

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    haha, it came off an ultralight rig that was intended for fishing for smaller fish. The same rig with 6 lb test has produced a 4.5 lb smallmouth while drop-shotting through, so... *shrug* however, I agree that the 4 lb test is starting to feel quite... inadequate. Makes an awesome trout setup, but I'm going to have to beef it up a little lol. Right now, it's a shimano 750FB reel (I forget which one of the S-words the model is :)) on some random old rod I had in my garage, because the 5' ultralight had NO backbone for hook setting. Made me sad.

    But yeah, it's gonna have to be time for some heavier line... my bass rod has 30 lb test powerpro braid on it :D
  12. Heading out today after I get home, hopefully I can get into some eyes. Seems that when the guys start to catch them night trolling up at Erie we start to get them around dark.
  13. I got on the water about 7amand fished until 4. I used a jig and minnow and jig twister nightcrawler combo. Caught one largemouth, 3 crappy (one really big), small catfish, white bass, and a bluegill. Tried the vibe, but must not have the technique right. Are you basically jigging the vibe bringing it up and letting it fall slowly? I ended the day trolling for muskie, but no takers.
  14. Clayton

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    My dad and I fished em, and did pretty dang well doing it, like so:

    Just jerk up on it fairly quick, like a slowed-down hookset, then stop the rod after 3-6". Then slowly lower the rod tip with line tight till you hit bottom again. If you hit bottom too soon, set the hook and reel in your fish. It seemed for us that the lower we were able to keep it, the more fish would hit.

    You have to have pretty quick reflexes, because they definitely don't chew on this bait, that's for sure! I probably missed 10+ strikes because they just tap it once and you either got em or didn't.