Alum Creek Tuesday Skunk

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  1. I'm a disgrace to the brotherhood of the fly. Went to Woodside (?) Park in Gahanna, Ohio mid-day today. I worked up and down Alum Creek for a couple of hours with no luck at all. Mid-way through the session I lost my tippet and fly due to a faulty knot, so I went the short distance to the car to get more tippet. On the way back I tried some bluegill poppers in the park pond....nada. In desperation I tied a tiny ant on as a dropper, got a hit and jerked a poor little inch and a half bluegill halfway across the park! Anyway, the water was moving slow, in the creek, and the clarity was about 1 foot, kinda murky, but not too bad.
  2. If you were in Woodside Green Park you were fishing Big Walnut, usually some good bluegill and rockfish there at the very least. If you are in Gahanna, as I am, a quick trip to Hoover with a little foam spider fished by the boat docks by the dam will provide you with more than enough entertainment for as long as you want. I fished for 20 min and had bluegill hit the spider on almost every cast. 20-30 feet out near any structure, even as much as a floating stick. Hope this helps ya have a little fun.

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    Don't be discouraged, once everything clicks you won't try so hard to do everything perfect you will realize that as with all of fishing you take all of your knowledge and skill and just fish! and with alot of luck you will succeed and have great outtings!
  4. Yeah, my eyes popped open this AM with, "Wait a minute, that ain't Alum!" But it was too late to change the post. Anyway, I have to admit most of my discouragement is "tongue in cheek". I had hoped to break in the new fly-rod on a "bronzeback", though. Thanks for the heads-up, fratfish, I'm retired, so I'm exploring a lot of local fisheries for the first summer in many, many moons.