alum creek temps on the rise

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  1. so ive been up in alum twice about 7 days apart. wow the temps really are on the rise there. was hittin some spots with 69-70 degree waters in the coves. alot of 64-67 water also on the main lake. it was really really windy out there today and muddy on the east side. had some decent luck with the lm's. but where are the smallies, has any else had any luck with them. we couldnt find any aggressive fish at all. we hit windy points, rocks, humps, with tubes, cranks, spinners, rattles, and whatever else we could dig out the tackle box. with these water temps, i thought the smallie bite would be on fire.
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    Going to give it a try tomorrow and sunday.

  3. well, heard about the tourny guess the bite is still slow for most, but i guess some others figured something very productive out!!!!!